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31 May 2017

Stig & Steen “Forchromede Dage” 1973 Denmark Psych Folk Rock

Stig & Steen “Forchromede Dage” 1973 Denmark Psych Folk Rock
This duo played poetic and relaxed progressive rock with elements of folk-rock. Stig and Steen later joined a revamped version of Ache in 1975 and recorded Pictures From Cyclus 7. Kreutzfeldt soon left Ache again and enjoyed considerable commercial success in the late seventies, playing pop-rock with his new partner Jens Rugsted (ex-Savage Rose).........

Stig Kreutzfeldt is not happy to talk about his musical past, 
But admits that he was a shadow musician for Lollipops for some of their tours. 
That is, standing in the back and playing. He started his musical performances 
About ten years of age, and gained his routine by playing around the country's clubs with a number of unknown orchestras. 

At the end of the sixties he met Steen Toft Andersen. 
They made a series of demo bands with music they had written. 
The ties were sent to the technician and the producer Freddy Hansson, 
Who immediately decided to make an LP for his own account, taking it for granted, 
That a record company would take it. It became Sonet who took over the ties, 
And in 1972, "Da Solen kom" was published with Stig og Steen. Unfortunately, it did not get the necessary support, 
And while it was not "in" singing poetic songs, the album drowned in spite of good numbers, 
Classy song and an overwhelmingly beautiful sound. 

The same happened to Stig and Steen's second LP, "Chromed Days". 
Stig and Steen never appeared in public. "The sound on the plates was too good. 
It was simply too expensive for us to scratch the necessary facilities together. 
We had more plans to do that, but the thought was unrealistic. "........

Not being a masterpiece of progressive rock, the program "Forchromede Dage" is still listed on a special account with collectors. Its cult status derives from two main factors: a) the longplay released in 1973 is still not reissued in CD-format; B) the persons who composed the duet Stig & Steen, had a direct relationship to the activities of the famous Danish art formation Ache. However, in addition to this, the album has quite specific melodic merits, about which we will say just below. In the meantime - a small introduction to the history of the team.
For the first time, Stig Kreuzfeld and Stan Toft Andersen met in the late sixties. By that time, the first of them on the rights of the singer for ten years, traveled with various ensembles of Scandinavian clubs. The amateurishness of the accompanists oppressed Stig, who dreamed of a big stage. And when his ways-roads crossed with Stan - a gifted author and a wonderful musician, life took a completely different turn. The demo tapes of the alliance pleased the employee of the Sonet label Freddy Hansson, and he undertook to produce the debut album Stig & Steen. The disk "Da solen kom", released in 1972, demonstrated a good potential for performers, but commercially vinil paid off poorly. However, the guys did not think to give up without a fight and worked hard to work on the next collection of songs. Especially since there was still producer / engineer Hansson, who believed in the wards and was ready to provide them with all kinds of material and technical assistance ...
"Forchromede Dage" was recorded by a full-fledged rock band: Stig Kreuzfeld (lead vocal, guitar, tabla, bongo, percussion), Stan Toft Andersen (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, accordion, harmony, mellotron, percussion, electric, xylophone) Nis Jorgensen (vocals, pianoforte, organ, accordion, transverse flute, recorder, percussion, mellotron) and Ken Goodman (drums). The stringed guys worked together in the company with Leif Petersen. The release contained eight tracks, diverse in stylistics and character, but equally curious in terms of composition. Going on with the introductory number "Nedenomsvej" is a good example of the art mainstream, beautifully orchestrated by numerous keyboards and diluted with decent electric guitar passages of Kreuzfeld. The lyrical play "Forårsvise" is intonationally close to the manner in which Stig will learn later, to the beginning of a solo career (from instrumental solutions I will highlight a demonstrative pastoral dialogue of a flute with a mellotron, caressing the ear with colorful analog timbres). "Mælkebøtterne" - a very strong sketch, combining pop-rock exercises with a dramatic symphonic entourage. In "Bag Et Ukendt Landskab" the Danes turn to their native folklore and do it extremely sincerely. The vocal-oriented title opus captivates with a melodious polyphony and a general spiritual mood. "Natten Over Stranden" is mocked in psychedelic lace, which does not negate the firm motivation of Stig & Steen. Well, the polyphonic ballad "Tabte Slag" together with the equally large-scale finale "Bring Høsten Ind" is also remarkable in its own way.
I sum up: a nice specimen of symphonic art, which gives a feeling of warmth and comfort and does not pretend for more. Enjoy..........................

- Stig Kreutzfeldt - lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, tablas, percussion, congas, tubular bells, timpani
- Sten Toft Andersen - vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar, harmonica, harmonium, mellotron, percussion, electric piano, xylophon.
- Nis Jørgensen - vocals, piano, organ, harmonium, transverse- & block flute, percussion, mellotron.
- Ken Gudman - drums

A1. Nedenomsvej
A2. Forårsvise
A3. Mælkebøtterne
A4. Bag et ukendt landskab
B1. Forchromede Dage
B2. Natten over stranden
B3. Tabte slag
B4. Bring høsten ind

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