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29 May 2017

Survivor "All Your Pretty Moves" 1979 US Private Hard Rock

Survivor  "All Your Pretty Moves" 1979 US Private Hard Rock
Survivor  "All Your Pretty Moves" 1979 US Private Hard Rock

Inspired by Thin Lizzy, UFO, Led Zeppelin and Judas Preist.
Highlighted by the outstanding guitars of Pat O'Hara and Paul Restovich!
This group later evolved into the Christian heavy metal group
Philadelphia, who released 2 albums....................

Reissue of 1979 Louisiana hard rock meets metal classic and collector item with a sound inspired by Thin Lizzy, UFO, Led Zeppelin and Judas Preist. Highlighted by the outstanding guitars of Pat O'Hara and Paul Restovich! With bonus non-Lp cut! This group later evolved into the Christian heavy metal group Philadelphia, who released 2 albums.
Originally formed in 1976 by Brian Clark, the first lineup of Survivor had David Hewitt on drums and Brian's brother Kevin Clark as lead vocalist. Later that same year, David and Kevin departed the band, Brian taking over the lead vocals as well as bass guitar, and Brian Martini came aboard as the outfit's drummer. This set Survivor's most memorable and popular line-up until the band's demise almost three years later- Brian Clark, bass and vocals; Brian Martini, drums; Pat O'Hara, lead and rhythm guitars; and Paul Restovich, lead and rhythm guitar, and backing vocal.

Based out of Shreveport, Louisiana, Survivor's goal was playing and making a living, such as it was, at regional clubs; playing just enough cover songs to "get by", the band continually spotlighted its original material, hoping to one day make it to a higher level, Alas, as with so many, it was not to be. Survivor's musical influences were fairly hardcore in those days when disco ruled America; Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin were a few of the band's faves, and it showed in their writing. Melodically strong with a tight, driving rhythm section, Survivor was a tad weak vocally, but more than made up for it in their live shows. Dramatic and theatrical for a regional band, they made use of intro tapes, striking backdrops, similar costuming and the like. The band even played on a club circuit throughout the southwest U.S. in '78. Most of the audiences wanted to hear the Eagles covered, while Survivor busily churned out Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, as well as their own material. Finally in '79. the band "dis-banded", for good. Of course, to this day there is confusion over the band's name, and I start any discussion of it with the obligatory "not the 'Eye of the Tiger' Survivor." As far as I know, we had the name before them, and for what it's worth that's that..................

The only album by Shreveport, LA, hard rockers Survivor, All Your Pretty Moves is gritty, tough, but still supple and groovy enough to be an unmistakable product of the late '70s -- born before the likes of Journey, Foreigner, and a more famous, "Eye of the Tiger"-toting namesake could dilute hard rock into slicker AOR; and before heavy metal went into a thrash-fueled overdrive that would distance it from roots like those heard here. Vintage rockers such as "So Blind," "Breakout," and "Black Sea" contain harmonizing twin guitars inspired by Thin Lizzy, and high-energy stomps like "The New Order" and "Kristallnacht" recall several Judas Priest anthems of the day, but plagiarizes none of them. All are topped with not altogether powerful but still serviceable vocals from frontman Brian Clark, who's equally at ease feigning Philip Lynott's knowing, conspiratorial tone as he is at approximating Rob Halford's less strident registers. And two more, particularly notable highlights shed additional light on a less explored, but arguably even more effective, softer side of the group's talents. The first, "Deceive Me," is a stunning, slow-building dreamscape that eventually breaks out into a truly epic climax; and the second, closing ballad "Back to the Homeland," unfurls a glorious guitar melody so stirring and laconic, it challenges 1970s six-string wizard Ritchie Blackmore for sheer, supernatural, dark-tinged beauty. That final song alone would justify this reissue's existence, but for those not already desperate enough to replace their super-rare and scratched-up vinyl copies with the 2003 Monster Records CD, there's also a non-album cover of Mott the Hoople's "Rock and Roll Queen" to consider. Simply put, All Your Pretty Moves is a worthwhile addition to the library of any serious classic rock Eduardo Rivadavia ...............

Survivor...a name that has become synonymous with power ballads and radio friendly AOR. But this is not THAT Survivor. This band hailed from Louisiana and formed in the mid 70's, thriving in the relatively low key Shreveport music scene for several years. It wasn't until 1978 that the band began work on their privately financed debut. By early 1979, the album hit store shelves but without the funding to push the album, distribution was limited to the region. Ultimately this would prove to be their undoing, as the band forged on for a few more years before finally calling it a day. By 1983, many of the ex-members had reconvened to work together in Philadelphia, a christian hard rock act. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

"All Your Pretty Moves" is a strange blend of late 70's hard rock and NWOBHM. With a sound that echoes Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, this album is fascinating because much of the material predates the trademark NWOBHM sound by several years. Though there are unquestionably some serious flaws in the songwriting, the handful of superior cuts are all excellent. The production is notably bottom heavy & crisp all the way around, which is impressive given that this is a private pressing. Though there's nothing here that reinvents the wheel, it is certainly worthy of a glance for aficionados of 70's cult hard rock. Check this sweet transfer of "All Your Pretty Moves"..................

Brian Clark - bass, lead vocals
Brian Martini - drums
Pat O'Hara - guitars, lead guitars
Paul Restovich - guitars, lead guitars, back - up vocals

A1 The New Order 4:11
A2 So Blind 5:05
A3 Breakout 4:17
A4 Deceive Me 7:10
B1 Kristallnacht 5:20
B2 Black Sea 4:07
B3 Rock 'n Roll Queen 7:16
B4 Back To The Homeland 5:35

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