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1 May 2017

Taberna Mylaensis ‎"Gricalata" 1981 Italy Folk, Folk Rock

Taberna Mylaensis ‎"Gricalata" 1981 Italy Folk, Folk Rock
When Taberna Mylaensis was formed as a folk song research group, we were aware that going into this subject did not only mean folklore music but to have the opportunity to know and discover our identity as Sicilians. In this last work we have presented our compositions that, while dealing with ancient, but always current, issues regarding the Sicilian state and their mood, on the musical side, have allowed us to transmit our feelings and our anger. Finally, with the use of tools normally used in other musical discourses, we believe that we have enlarged the boundaries of ‘Popular Music’.There is all the essence of the musical turn of the Sicilian group in these short notes. The passage from pure folklore of the first three albums of the seventies to the folk rock of “Gricalata”, published in 1981, represented a creative effort not indifferent, with the result of having produced a masterpiece record. Because “Grumpy” is a real masterpiece that represents one of the highest points of the entire Italian folk-rock-prog folio. Only vinyl and cassette printed this disc has never been released on CDs in the years to come. What you can hear in this post is my personal vinyl, appropriately ripped and split into two tracks, side A and side B. TM biography can be traced a little anywhere on the web (there is also the official site), so I will not be more than that. It is worth recalling the presence of the group at the Parco Lambro Festival of 1976 (their track also appears on the live disc, click here if you want to re-listen to it.) TB, always led by the founding historian Luciano Maio, is still in business, an unequivocal sign of The great ability of the group to renew themselves musically and the interest they still hold towards them….Verso La Stratosfera…..

Quite nice Italian folk, not a masterpiece like some of its kin though still quite interesting, especially considering its late date (1981!). Although some 80s sounding production techniques can be found and it all sounds a bit “clean,” this release will please anyone into Italy’s fertile (and politically charged) late 70s folk scene, a still relatively unheralded sub-genre that for my money ranks among the definitive highpoints of Europe’s prog rock/cultural Awakening….by…Phallus Dei …………..

A folk group from Milazzo, Sicily, formed in 1975 and specialized in reworkings of traditional popular tunes from their area, hence very little “progressive”, at least in their early days.
But thanks to their contract with RCA, Taberna Mylaensis were particularly active in the national live circuit, being able to support Francesco De Gregori in an Italian tour, take part in the 1976 Parco Lambro festival (and they even appeared in the live album released for the event), and even play in foreign countries.
Since the early 80’s, starting with the Gricalata album, they introduced electric instruments, original tracks and more rock-influenced sounds, and despite continuous line-up changes around the leading figure of Luciano Maio, the group is still active now….Italian Prog…….

Luciano Maio (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Santo “Bobo” Otera (vocals)
Carmelo Gitto (vocals, guitar)
Franco Salvo
Alberto Cocuzza

A1 Canzuni Di La Primavera 3:12
A2 Prighiera A Christu 3:03
A3 Gricalata 5:10
A4 Amuri Ca Luntanu Stai 4:38
A5 Li Francisi Cu’ La So’ Putenza 3:03
B1 'U Caudu 4:54
B2 La Sira Di L'Estati 3:13
B3 Sugnu 'Ncustanti 3:54
B4 Portella Delle Ginestre 5:36
B5 Balletto Classico Popolare 1:25

LP - Taberna Mylaensis (Fammi ristari 'nto menzu di to brazza) (RCA TPL1-1212 - 1976)
LP - Populu e santi (RCA PL 31236 - 1977)
LP - 19milioni770mila558lire88centesimi per la libertà (Taberna Mylaensis LP4 - 1978)
LP - Gricalata (Isola ISO 33501 - 1981) 

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