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22 May 2017

The Fevers "The Fevers" 1973 Brazil Latin,Psych Pop,Beat

The Fevers  "The Fevers" 1973  Brazil Latin,Psych Pop,Beat,Rock
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The Fevers were one of the longest-lived of the 1960s Jovem Guarda teen-oriented Brazilian rock bands… The band formed in the mid-‘60s and has held together in one form or another over the next four decades. While there are plenty of fun guilty pleasures to be had in the group’s repertoire, much of what they recorded is pretty drekky. Like many jovem guarda acts, The Fevers covered numerous American and European rock and pop hits, including styles that spanned the teen pop of the early 'Sixties, psychedelic rock, early 'Seventies “sunshine” pop, AOR and disco… They aped the styles well and also recycled popular melodies into “original” songs of their own… The band also recorded under the pseudonym “The Supersonics,” and recorded prolifically as the backup band for a number of jovem guarda and tropicalia stars… Some of it’s fun, but you may have to dig pretty deep to get to the good stuff……….. 

This album has a slightly more aggressive, uptempo feel – still largely irritating and wimpy, but they do get funky on a tune or two, notably on “Superman” and.. well, that’s about it. Includes a couple of songs by the then-up-and-coming Sa, Roderix & Guarabyra and an increasing amout of original material by various Fevers bandmembers… But again, nothing much to get worked up about. Slim pickings. ………….. 

1A Hey Girl
2A Se Voce Me Quizesse
3A Rock Da Pesada
4A Don’t Say Goodbye
5A Todo Que Eu Quero Eu Tenho
6A Sem Voce
1B Alguem Em Meu Caminho
2B Superman
3B Algo Errado Em Mim
4B Meu Desejo
5B Gas Neon
6B Vivo A Sonhar Com Voce
7B Tudo Passa 

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