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28 May 2017

The Gentlemen "The Gentlemen"1972 Brazil Private Psych Garage Beat only 200 copies pressed

The Gentlemen  "The Gentlemen"1972 ultra rare Brazil Psych Garage Beat only 200 copies pressed

The Gentlemen came out in 1966 inspired by Jovem Guarda and English rock.

Hugo Leão, as well as bassist, was also a keyboardist, solo guitarist and vocalist for the band "The Gentlemen", with Célio (guitar rhythm), Valmir (crooner), Saulo (drummer), Enilton (solo guitar) and Carlito (keyboards) Were the members who played in the band during the time.

The band was elected for five consecutive times as the best ensemble in the North and Northeast.

He had in his formation someone who would enter into the history of Brazilian Popular Music: Zé Ramalho. In this disc Zé does not participate, he is in the recordings of the only compact made by the band, with the music Cristina very executed in the local radios at the time. Today it is a rarity to find this compact.............

Another super rare gem brought to you by Mr. Bongo from the legendary Rozenblit catalogue, The Gentlemen's s/t album is the holy grail of Brazilian psych. The LP on Smog Records was so rare only 200 copies were ever pressed for radio promotion and only 3 of the originals are now known to still exist. Formed by Hugo Leao (real name Hugo Filho) in 1966, The Gentlemen were a
garage-rock band from Pernambuco that came together via inspirations from the 'Jovem Guarda' movement and the '60s psyche-rock sound from the UK. The group consisted of Hugo Leao (bass and vocal), Clio (rhythm guitar), Valmir (lead vocal), Saulo (drums), Enilton (guitar) and Carlito (keyboards). 'Sorriso Selvagem' is the first track on the groundbreaking, self-titled, classic album from 1972, sounding like a mixture of Santana and Deep Purple. The single 'Christina' features the great Zé Ramalho and will be reissued in 2012 on Mr Bongo. They merge the psych sounds with the traditional Pernambucan
percussion, Indian sitars and Moroccan lutes. Hugo currently resides in Paraiba, Brazil. The LP features fully reproduced original art, featuring beautiful drawings by Jomar Gama. Produced on heavyweight, old-style, gatefold packaging, the same as the original LP. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl with original label art.............

01. Sorriso Selvagem
02. Não Sei Quem Sou
03. Vestido Branco
04. Meu Mundo
05. Lonely Blue Bay
06. Uma Voz, Outra Voz
07. Vazio
08. Agora Estou Livre
09. Isso é Amor
10. Eu Juro
11. O Embarque
12. Post-Scriptum

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