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20 May 2017

The Great Society “Born To Be Burned” (1996) recorded in 1965-1966 US Psych Garage Rock

The Great Society “Born To Be Burned” (1996) recorded in 1965-1966 US Psych Garage Rock
BORN TO BE BURNED is a collection of mostly-unreleased studio recordings.The Great Society includes: Grace Slick (vocals).Recorded in 1965. Includes liner notes by Jud Cost.This is part of the Sundazed Quakes From The Eureka State series.Audio Mixers: Chris Athens; Bob Irwin.Liner Note Author: Jud Cost.Recording information: Golden State Recorder, San Francisco, CA (1965).Photographers: Darby Slick; Ray Andersen; Jud Cost.The only recordings released during the Great Society's 1965-1966 lifetime were the two sides of its Northbeach Records single, "Free Advice"/"Someone [Somebody] to Love." This album reissues those two sides along with the rest of the group's previously unreleased recording sessions of the fall of 1965. There are two more takes of the Indian-influenced "Free Advice," the group-written "Father Bruce," about comedian Lenny Bruce, and a set of pop-oriented songs written by singer David Miner. The tracks are rough, little more than demos rather than finished recordings. (No wonder it took 30 years for someone to release them.) But they provide tremendous insight into one of the '60s San Francisco scene's forgotten bands. ~ William Ruhlmann................

Rhino, the masters of the box set universe, included the Great Society on "Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets". They really belong on the original Nuggets psychedelic punk compilation. They were a truly wacky garage band with a world class lead singer. I put together my own Grace Slick box set, and the Great Society was the hardest part to fit in amongst the Airplane, Slick/Kantner, Jefferson Starship, and her solo stuff. They really are rock bottom raw. In a good way.

I fit the profile of someone who must own everything Grace Slick. I still own the original two Great Society Columbia releases on vinyl, and agree with the reviewers who cite the fact that they were a truly original live band. I think their version of "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" is the definitive version, and the original Middle Eastern raga rock version of "White Rabbit" is hypnotic. All together more interesting than the Airplane's straight bolero (albeit nothing on earth comes close to Jack Casady's bass on that song, and Grace's blood curdling "Feed your head!" crescendo.) I'm also partial to their version of "Outlaw Blues."

"Someone to Love," however, not so much. Doesn't matter if it's the studio version included here, or the live version on the Columbia set. It doesn't do much for me as a dirge-like lament. Leaden to the max. The Airplane's double-timed, amped up assault with Grace demanding, threatening, we better find somebody to love works for me............ByKatherine McCarthy.............

A very interesting view on the early days of Grace Slick`s carrer. The Great Society was not an outstanding band, but neither were The Grateful Dead when they made their first recordings (incidently, the same year The Great Society did theirs). If they had had time to develop, they could have turned into a really great band, but Grace took the decision of joining Jefferson Airplane and that was it for Society.

I consider their live recordings far more interesting, but this is undoubtfully a very interesting release. It contains a nice booklet with notes and the sound quality is certainly great.............ByR. N. ESPIÑEIRA................

Seventeen track compilation CD of Grace Slick's pre-Jefferson Airplane band. Not too different from Airplane's music, in fact. Material on 'Born To Be Burned' was recorded through out 1965. Dug about every cut here, like all three versions of "Free Advice" (third version sounds almost like a complete other song, I thought), "Somebody To Love", the awesome folk-rocker "Where", "Heads Up" and "Father Bruce". Line-up: Grace Slick-vocals, Darby Slick (Grace's brother-in-law)-guitar, David Miner-bass and Jerry Slick (Grace's ex-husband)-drums. A nice collector's item of vintage west coast psychedelia to seek out. A should-have..............ByMike Reed............

An interesting if marginal collection of previously unreleased material from late 1965. Recorded at a pretty early stage in the band's development, this is largely comprised of demos that the group recorded during their short-lived association with the Autumn label. Both the songwriting and execution are pretty sketchy and tentative, sounding considerably closer to garage rock than their later psychedelic recordings. Certainly there's a fair amount of promise here, particularly in the songs by Grace and Darby Slick, which far outshine the basic Rolling Stonesy derivations by the band's other songwriter, David Miner. Miner, a below-average garage growler, unfortunately shared the lead vocal duties with the immeasurably superior Grace Slick, who already sounds searing and confident. But unlike Collector's Item, which contains some of the finest (and most unjustly overlooked) psychedelic music ever recorded, this is really mostly of interest to scholars and collectors. The material is far weaker here, and the ragaish Indian influences that characterized their most innovative work had yet to surface. It does include some songs that also appear on Collector's Item ("Born to Be Burned," "Daydream Nightmare," "That's How It Is," "Father Bruce"), but these versions are far more skeletal and less forceful. The highlight is their lone, rare single, which featured the first (pre-Jefferson Airplane) version of "Somebody to Love" and the flipside "Free Advice," one of the first examples of raga-rock............ by Richie Unterberger .............

Track Listing
1. Free Advice
2. Someone to Love
3. You Can't Cry - (previously unreleased)
4. That's How It Is - (previously unreleased)
5. Girl - (previously unreleased)
6. Where - (previously unreleased)
7. Heads Up - (previously unreleased)
8. alternate take) Free Advice - (previously unreleased
9. Father Bruce - (previously unreleased)
10. Born to Be Burned - (previously unreleased)
11. Double Triptamine Superautomatic Everlovin' Man - (previously unreleased)
12. Love You Girl - (previously unreleased)
13. alternate take) That's How It Is - (previously unreleased
14. Right to Me - (previously unreleased)
15. alternate take) Where - (previously unreleased
16. alternate take) Free Advice - (previously unreleased
17. Daydream Nightmare Love - (previously unreleased)

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