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6 May 2017

The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood ‎"The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood" 1970 US Psych Jazz Blues Rock

The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood ‎"The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood" 1970 US Psych Jazz Blues Rock

One of my favorite albums of all time is called The Jerry Hahn
Brotherhood - it features keyboardist/vocalist supreme Mike Finnigan.

The album was produced by Joe Gannon and Larry Sharp. I don't know who
Larry is but Joe had a huge career from Kingston Trio to Alice
Cooper to running Zappa's record company................

The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood was formed by jazz guitarist Jerry Hahn who had paid his dues working with John Handy, the Fifth Dimension and Gary Burton. By 1970, he wanted to get a band together that would reflect a myriad of musical influences--- jazz, blues, rock, gospel, country etc. One of the best parts of the early 1970's was the great amount of experimentation that was going on among bands in general. A very fertile period indeed. As a matter of fact, one could easily make the claim that this here record was one of the very first true fusion albums to hit the scene. Later came such bands as Return To Forever and Weather Report who received wide acclaim for bringing together elements of jazz and rock but let's face it--- The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood had been there first.

The band had several key elements: Hahn's jazz inflected rock guitar, a solid versatile rhythm section of George Marsh (drums) & Clyde Graves (bass) and most importantly, the lead vocals & Hammond B-3 organ of the great Mike Finnigan who infuses each song with a healthy amount of good ol' soul. Finnegan is still active today backing up such artists as Bonnie Raitt and Crosby, Still & Nash.

One of Finnegan's more celebrated moments as a backing musician was his work on the Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland track, Rainy Day Dream Away (Rainy Day, Still Dreaming).
Many of the songs on this lp were written by someone named Lane Tietgen who provided the band with songs that had a lyrical sensibility that would later surface in such great bands as Little Feat and Steely Dan. For many years I was unable to dig up any info on Lane Tietgen but recently discovered that he's still active as a musician and recently released a new album on ITunes.

Sadly, this self-titled effort is the only recorded output by The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood. Prior to recording a follow-up album the band broke up due to management problems. As I write this, The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood album has not seen the light of day due to ongoing legal difficulties and it looks like this record may never see release on compact disc or as a digital download (at least not in our lifetimes)... .................

I spent thirty years as a professional musician. The first time I heard this album I was stunned. I blew me away! Unfortunately someone decided they need the record more than me. The album was stolen but they left the cover so I wouldn't notice the theft immediately. After searching for a replacement copy for years I gave up. The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood album is an extraordinary collection of master performances of outstanding compositions. Now that I've stumbled onto this amazing album I have no turn table upon which to play it. (sigh) I'm thinking about buying it anyway. Ya never know what piece of hardware may find a connection to my sound system............ByWingz............

Very cool album I just stumbled upon a few years ago. The first record I bought and now I have about 40.
True fusion ! A great mix of jazz , rock , funk , and folk elements. Mike Finnigan sings and plays organ and does both
so well! He's got great pipes. You need to hear this. The drum and bass hold a great groove but also fool around at the same
time, you can tell they are jazzers. Jerry Hahn plays some smokin guitar , and some great banjo on Early Bird Cafe! Do yourself and favor and hunt for this on ebay or wherever you can find it! ........

A lesser-known but talented guitarist, Jerry Hahn attended Wichita State University and played in Kansas before moving to San Francisco in 1962. He gained some recognition for his work with John Handy's adventurous band (1964-1966) which was the hit of the 1965 Monterey Jazz Festival. Hahn led an album in 1967, toured with the Fifth Dimension the following year, and was one of many great guitarists to be part of Gary Burton's group (1968-1969). He led the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood in the early '70s and then became a teacher at Wichita State University. Hahn maintained a low profile until 1986, when he moved to Portland and began playing full-time again. In 1993, Jerry Hahn relocated to Colorado, recording his first album in 20 years for Enja..... by Scott Yanow...........

Mike Finnigan Organ, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals
Jerry Hahn Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
George Marsh Drums
Clyde Graves Bass 

1. Martha's Madman - Lane Tietgen
2. Early Bird Cafe - Lane Tietgen
3. One Man Woman - Lane Tietgen
4. Ramblin' - Ornette Coleman
5. Dippin' Snuff - Jerry Hahn
6. Time's Caught Up With You - Lane Tietgen
7. Thursday Thing - Lane Tietgen
8. What I Gave Away - Lane Tietgen
9. Comin' Down - Jerry Hahn
10. Captain Bobby Stout - Lane Tietgen


1965 - John Handy: live at the Monterey Jazz Festival (Koch)
1967 - Jerry Hahn: Jerry Hahn & his Quintet (Arhoolie)
1970 - Gary Burton: Throb derzeit erhältlich mit Gary Burton and Keith Jarrett (Rhino, 1969/70)
1970 - The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood mit Mike Finnigan, Clyde Graves und George Marsh[1]
1993 - Jerry Hahn: Time Changes (Enja) mit David Liebman, Art Lande, Phil Markowitz, Jeff Hirshfield
1996 - Ginger Baker: The Falling Off the Roof (Atlantic Records)
2006 - Jerry Hahn: Hahn Solo (Migration Records)
2009 - Jerry Hahn: Jazz Hymns (Migration Records)
2010 - The Jerry Hahn Band: Hahn Songs 

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