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6 May 2017

The Mystic Minds "Mind Over Matter" 1975 US Private Psych Funk

The  Mystic Minds  "Mind Over Matter" 1975 US ultra rare  Private  Psych Funk
These guys were a trio from California (apparently they Korean War veterans) and a s far as i know this private press LP is their only release. This album had some pretty strange moments lyrically. These are only surpassed by their use of a home made instrument called a Brass Orchestra Cabinet .. It’s like a homemade pipe organ made of trumpets and other horns.... 

Mystic Minds is one of the rare bands that you do not see much about, and Lp was originally recorded in San Mateo California in 1975. It's probably one of the rarest Lps, this Lp looks like a record type where the band paid for Have a few hundred copies made.
There are a limited number of 300 LP reprints.....

Californian trio of veterans of the Korean War, Mystic Minds recorded only this album, which, due to the small press it had, soon fell by the wayside and became rarity. Independent production, "Mind Over Matter" is a legitimate garage record that combines elements of psychedelia with funk. It would, however, be just one of many of its kind if it were not for an unusual element of surprise: the Brass Orchestra Cabinet, a complex musical instrument created by the band members themselves.
Presented in the opening track, "It's Real," like a crazy horn sound piano, the bizarre contraption that guys have developed is nothing more than a kind of organ coupled with a series of horns and trumpets instead of tubes. The result is an instrument with this (or that) face and a horn-like timbre. Interesting, at least.
After the introduction to the opening song, the group continues the album with similar songs: guitars, brass orchestra cabinet, hammond organ, in a very funky atmosphere and with anything from "Green Onions" from Booker T. & MG's. The only difference is the track "Fungus Among Us", which has a deeper foot in Soul.
Ah yes, just one more detail: you might find this album out there credited not to Mystic Minds, but to Mysterious Minds. Do not worry, it's the same band. As the two names are on the cover of the original LP, both are valid. We adopted the former by greater use. Well, enough of the talk on my part. Keep the disk..........

Exact reissue of this ultra-rare and privately released funk/psych/outsider/incredibly strange LP by Korea War veterans from the US 1975. Superb rare groove all the way, way out psychedelic lyrics but also long instrumental passages AND the worlds only Brass Orchestra Cabinet, a bizarre keyboard contraption built by one of the group members, which is a portable electric pipe unit, sounding like nothing else you ever heard before, and it's used to good measure. A unique and unknown master piece that will be highly appreciated by rare funk groove diggers, DJ's, psych-heads incredible strange music fans and DJ's alike. Ltd edition of 300 copies only.............

Design [Brass Orchestra Cabinet Designed, Developed And Invented By] – Tim S. Jones
Drums, Vocals – Bob Vieira
Engineer – Johnny Morris (6)
Guitar, Vocals – Frank Ruiz
Keyboards, Vocals, Performer [Brass Orchestra Portable Pipe Unit] – Tim S. Jones
Vocals [Fine Female Vocals] – Genie Tracy

It's Real 3:53
Welfare To Unemployment 3:41
Funky Business Games 3:30
Clean Up Your Act 3:30
Power Of The Mind 3:30
Fungus Among Us 3:42
Can You Hear Me 6:12

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