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19 May 2017

The Reggie Knighton Band "The Reggie Knighton Band" 1978 US Hard Rock

The Reggie Knighton Band collaborating with John Sebastian  on the animated film score for The Devil and Daniel Mouse circa 1979.  L to R Glenn Symmonds, Reggie Knighton, Clive Smith, Kurtis Teel and John Sebastian. Brian Ray was also present but not in this photo.

The Reggie Knighton Band  "The Reggie Knighton Band" 1978 US Hard Rock

THE REGGIE KNIGHTON BAND was actually a rather obscure band during the 1970s and as far as I am aware not that much has been written about them ever since. Bandleader REGGIE KNIGHTON also played in THE GRASS ROOTS before and had a sort of solo career, but besides a few releases in the 1970s, he quit the music business after 1979 due to an accident. He was hit by a car when trying to cross the street and catch a bus! This happened after doing some guitarwork for an album of the act MARK SAFFAN AND THE KEEPERS. Funny thing for me personally is that I bought this rare particular 1981 released LP in the biggest LP/Vinyl store in The Netherlands a few hours before receiving this re-issue of THE REGGIE KNIGHTON BAND the other day and was really unaware of the connection between the two until reading the extensive liner notes of the booklet of this CD!!! Anyway, Reggie quit the music business after he had recovered from this accident and went on becoming a computer programmer, while his bandmates went on recording with other acts, of whom guitarist BRIAN RAY even managed to play in PAUL MCCARTNEY’s current touring band. Now 30 years later Reggie slowly is doing some music related work, but his biggest ‘musically speaking’ accomplishment of the past 3 decades is definitely that his 1978 album of THE REGGIE KNIGHTON BAND has been re-issued onto CD by ROCK CANDY RECORDS. The included music is not legendary or really sensational, nor has it anything in common with AOR related music, but still the album is really one of those records that will grow on you. A very unique Rockstyle that has a bit of QUEEN influences here and there, but on the other hand sounds totally different and adapted an own style that thanks to the big Drumsound could better be compared to the BILLY SQUIER records of the early 80s. 10 songs were included and all of them can now also be found on this great re-issue. Maybe not a classic, still easily an album that will eventually give you a good view of the talents of guitarist/vocalist REGGIE KNIGHTON who gave up music 30 years ago. …………………
- Reggie Knighton - guitar, vocals 
- Brian Ray - guitar 
- Kurtis Teel - bass 
- Glenn Symmonds - drums, percussion, backing vocals 

- John Staehely - guitar 
- Jon Lind, Richard Hovey - backing vocals 
- Geoff Workman - string ensembleReggie Knighton 

A1 Breakin’ Up Inside
A2 Rock ‘N’ Roll Alien
A3 The King And I
A4 Clone In Love
A5 Lear Jet
B1 Highway Patrol
B3 Ooh Girl
B4 Magnum Sally
B5 Behind A Rock “N” Roll Band 

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