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24 May 2017

Tim Maia ‎"Racional Vol. 2" 1975 mega rare Brazil Latin Psych Soul Funk Rock.

Tim Maia ‎"Racional Vol. 2" 1975 mega rare  Brazil Latin Psych Soul Funk Rock..recommended…!

The year was 1974. On the heels of the biggest hits of his career to that point, "Réu Confesso" and "Gostava Tanto de Você," Brazilian soul singer Tim Maia broke with his label, Polydor, lured by the offer of a double-album deal with RCA Victor. The 32-year-old Maia and his band retired to a house in a secluded section of Rio de Janeiro and spent their days smoking marijuana and experimenting with hallucinogens while working on new material. By the end of July, they had a few dozen songs worked out -- instrumental grooves that followed Tim's tried and true samba-soul formula -- but few lyrics. Pleased with the rough recordings, RCA dared to hope that their investment in the unpredictable singer would pay off in spades, but Tim managed to turn everything on its head. In the midst of a mescaline trip, he discovered a book entitled Universo em Desencanto (literally "Universe in Disenchantment"), the manifesto of an obscure religious cult known as Cultura Racional. Within weeks, Maia had dedicated his life to the cult, coerced his entire band to join and live by its strict precepts (no drugs, no alcohol, no red meat, and no sex except for the purpose of procreation), and was bent on a new direction for his double album. Gone was the accessible pop music he'd been known for, his usual romantic and party-oriented lyrics replaced by devotional verses. Tim Maia had conceived a new sort of lunatic gospel music rife with sci-fi imagery and relentless evangelism. "Read the book, the only book!" was Tim's mantra, repeated dutifully on every track. Clearly, he was obsessed, but whatever dubious logic and deception were behind it, the end result is astonishing. Drug-free (though perhaps not clear-headed) and abstinent from his usual dietary excesses, the singer was in top form, his already powerful voice infused with a passion and range heretofore unheard. Likewise, his meticulous tight-knit arrangements, which move seamlessly from lively pre-disco funk to thick, bluesy grooves, incorporating elements of reggae, psychedelic rock, and Motown-inspired soul, are stirring, regardless of the lyrics.
Of course, all the new age rhetoric will fly right over the heads of non-Portuguese speakers, but one listen to the English-language "Rational Culture," which closes the first volume, will give an inkling to the madness at hand. An infectious 12-minute jam driven by Hammond organ and shimmering electric guitar digressions that would make Isaac Hayes proud, "Rational Culture" has Tim laying out the cult's core beliefs, declaring "We came from a superworld, a world of rational energy, and we live in an anti-world, a world of animal energy." Predictably, RCA Victor wanted nothing to do with Racional (Maia founded his own company, Seroma, and distributed the two albums independently in 1975), and neither did the public. Few record stores agreed to stock the albums; fans were put off by the strange covers (drawings that explains the cult's philosophy) and abstruse song titles. While one track, the brooding samba-reggae "Imunização Racional (Que Beleza)," received some airplay, the albums were universally panned by critics. Commercially, Racional represents the low point of Tim Maia's career. A year later, disenchanted with Cultura Racional, Tim broke with the cult once and for all, recalled both volumes from store shelves, and destroyed all the copies he could. Thus Racional became a shameful footnote, one that Maia strove to erase from the public's memory, and it remained so until years later, when other Brazilian artists such as Marisa Monte and Gal Costa starting covering "Imunização Racional (Que Beleza)." And while both volumes of Racional remained out of print throughout Tim Maia's lifetime, its legend grew. The few copies in circulation became coveted collector's items and, over the years, many have come to regard Racional as Maia's finest work. In 2006, Racional, Vol. 1 finally appeared for the first time in CD form on the Trama Matt Rinaldi ..........

Racional is the fifth studio album by Brazilian singer-songwriter Tim Maia. The album was released in the year 1975 by the Seroma label, which belonged to Tim Maia himself. It was recorded while Tim Maia participated in the Ideology of Rational Culture.

Tim Maia prepared for a year the material for a new work, and when he judged finished it presented to the record company Philips. He got the answer that he should redo the disc and come back with another proposal. The temperamental behavior caused the singer to break the contract with the record company Phillips, and found his own seal, Seroma (that is an acronym for Sebastião Rodrigues Maia, its baptismal name). The making of the Rational disc is directly linked to the Upper Rational sect, in which he had become a fanatic adept. The lyrics found in the album defend the work "Universo em Desencanto", a book on which the sect is based, and also brings an exaltation to the leader of Seita, Manuel Jacinto Coelho in the track "O Grão Mestre Varonil".

After the release of the album, Tim Maia spent a good deal of time divulging the book Universe in Disenchantment, including sending the book to James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and John Lennon, the last one answered in an ironic way, sending him a naked photo accompanied by the message:

"Dear freak, I do not understand English. What about LISTEN to this photo? "

- John Lennon

Tim told a newspaper that the Rational Superior had been angry with Lennon, and that it would give him only another nine years to live.

Racional was released in CD format in 2006 by Trama Records.

The album was chosen by the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone magazine as being the 17th most important album in the history of Brazilian music............

At the end of 1973, Tim Maia had been hired by the RCA record label and the idea of ​​releasing a double album of "Síndico" was very commented on in the musical medium. Recalling that at that time, the design of a double disc was intended only for the big record sellers, that is, those who would give a certain return to the executives of the music industry. And this idea seemed to really work, after all, until the bases of some songs had been recorded a few months later. During this same period, Tim Maia was totally fascinated and involved with the teachings of the Rational Culture sect (of the founder Manoel Jacintho Coelho) and stayed a long time away from the studios and the rehearsals of the accompanying band, later named Seroma Racional. This generated some disturbances, until the moment that Tim began to write, frantically, the lyrics of the new songs and began the works of recording of the vocals.
The detail is that Tim demonstrated from the outset an immense fanaticism by the sect (exposing it in his compositions and attitudes) and the executives of the RCA began to believe in the possible failure of sales, even by the confused ideas that he presented / displayed. They simply gave up producing the singer's album. With this new fact, Tim was forced to buy the rights to the work and tapes recorded and took to himself the accompaniment of the pressing of the disc and the proper distribution of this work. The RCA forecast was confirmed and the low bandage was evident, more precisely 38 thousand copies of Vol 1 and 20 thousand copies of Vol.2.
Anyway, by analyzing the musical part (which is what matters in fact), Racional Vol. 1 and 2 presents a mature Tim Maia and with an impeccable voice, finely tuned. You can also see a loose band with a killer groove, making the best of funk-soul, always with a great deal of psychedelic.
From Vol.1 (released in 1975), we can highlight "Rational Immunization (What Beauty)", one of the main successes of his entire career, "Good Sense", a wonderful funk with a beautiful metal arrangement and fantastic " Rational Culture ". This last one is one of those songs that has a power to hypnotize all the people who appreciate the good music and even for its long duration and virtuosity, must be a theme very explored and executed by the bands of the country (and the outside) that are beginning to Career and seeking a sound of their own. Without a doubt, it's one of the coolest songs of Tim Maia's entire career.
Already Vol.2 (released the following year) seems to be even more consistent and inspired, with strong and somewhat complex songs. "Whatever" and "Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Rational Angola", all present a chilling balance, which in a way disguises the content of incessant Dull times and with a high tone of proselytism. "The Way of the Good" and the re-reading of "Rational Immunization (What Beauty)" are the highlights of this second volume, with an emphasis on guitar solos and extremely precise metals.
Many people who enjoy Tim Maia's music sometimes underestimate the Rational Vol.1 and 2 albums. Of course, because it was produced independently and also because of the immense apology to the teachings of Rational Culture, this work was somewhat overlooked during A good time. Tim Maia himself insisted on forbidding his circulation after the break with the sect. The fact is that even the lyrics being eccentric and not accessible, good music reigns in Rational Vol.1 and 2 and today we can see that this work needs to be revered by the new generations, even because it is highly perceivable that it was made with soul And heart.
To conclude, it certainly is not Tim's best work, but it has a great appeal and meaning and should be treated as a jewel of our music.
Surely Tim Maia would be proud of these albums if he were still among us, mainly because of the musical force they contain. ...............By Fabiano Oliveira..............

After his fourth album, Maia left Polydor for RCA Victor, who offered him a chance to record a double album. The instrumental parts were all ready when Maia went to his composing friend Tibério Gaspar for help with the lyrics. In his house Maia found the book Universo em Desencanto (Universe in Disenchantment), revolving around the cult of Rational Culture.[7] Maia converted to the cult, abandoned the drugs and red meat, and decided to write the lyrics for the songs about the knowledge contained in the book. RCA rejected the albums Tim Maia Racional, Vols. 1 & 2 for the newly found spiritual content, but Maia bought the master tapes from them and released the albums independently through label Seroma Discos, which would split its profits with the cult. While lead single "Que Beleza (Imunização Racional)" had some airplay, at the time these records were not well received, due to inadequate distribution, and the spiritual content alienating both the radios and Maia's fans. Eventually the artist could only perform at events promoted by the Rational Culture. Eventually in 1975 Maia got fed up with the cult, destroyed the unsold records and went back to his carefree life...................

Quer Queira Quer Não Queira 4:50
Paz Interior 2:56
O Caminho Do Bem 6:10
Energia Racional 2:57
Que Legal 4:13
Cultura Racional 4:39
O Dever De Fazer Propaganda Deste Conhecimento 5:53
Guiné Bissau Moçambique E Angola Racional 6:09
Imunização Racional (Que Beleza) 3:29 

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