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24 May 2017

Tony & Frankie “Tony & Frankie” ‎1971 Brazil Latin Psych Soul Funk

Tony & Frankie “Tony & Frankie” ‎1971 Brazil Latin Psych Soul Funk 
The duo of São Paulo singers Luís Antonio Bizarro, Tony and Fortunato Arduini, Frankye, ran into the disco at Cave nightclub, a stronghold of the musicians who played soul music in São Paulo and the formation of the Top Five ensemble in 1968. Rio and soon recorded two CDs that caught the attention of Roberto Carlos and record companies, one of them containing the first recording of "Goodbye, Amigo Vagabundo" included in the solo album of Tony (Nosso Inverno / CBS, 1977) Girl".

They then went on to record their single, precious and contested album titled simply by Tony & Frankye (CBS, 1971) in a daring mix of soul, funk, Latin rhythms and psychedelia touches under the artistic direction of Raul Seixas, With his own compositions and other authors such as Tim Maia, Raulzito, Luis Vagner, Robson Jorge, Carlos Lemos, Getulio Cortes, among others. The cookie opens with the dynamite "I'll Find My Place" version of the duo for "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)" by Sly Stone, follows with the forró "Vamos Lá Prá Ver", which was one of his greatest hits, Passes through the latinity of "Patati, Patatá" in honor of the guitarist Carlos Santana, by the lysergic "Trifocal", "After the Rain in Posto 4" and "O Uriapuru", in the lethal that they put to melt "Broken Heart" and "Brazilian Soul "In an instrumental version, not to mention the poetic ballads of" Hoje É Quarta-Feira "," I'm Lost in the Middle of the Street "," Que Eu Acabei com O Amor "and" Canção de Esperar Você ", which closes the LP.

Unfortunately the duo prematurely disbanded with Frankye's departure a year after the album's release, which admittedly was hallucinating by taking acid and falling on the road for about four years................

In the early 1970s, the Soul and Black Music scene were very strong here in Brazil. Genuine artists like Tim Maia, Hyldon, Paulo Diniz, Toni Tornado were dawning and conquering countless fans with each new work. In a positive way, they influenced even the established artists at the time, such as Erasmo Carlos, Roberto Carlos and Eduardo Araújo, who for a moment, also embarked on this path.
In this favorable scenario, a shy but with an immense talent emerged, Tony and Frankye, who among other things, had the happiness to count on the patronage of Raul Seixas, who was a respected producer of CBS and bet heavily on the pair.
Before the long play, Tony and Frankye had already released some CDs by RCA Victor and CBS, being the 1970's (with "Viu Menina" and "Goodbye Friend Vagabundo (Tribute to Brian Jones)" which was more successful with Excited by this acceptance, were ready to record and release the record that would, without exaggeration, mark a generation.
This great album already begins with the fantastic "I'll Find My Place", which has a Brazilian sound and a devastating groove. "After the Rain in Posto 4" features a gentle up to a point, but soon brings a very inspired organ that gives a whole weight to the song.
Raul Seixas's "Trifocal" is perhaps the main theme, much by the complex lyrics, psychedelic fuzz and also by Raul's own special participation at a given moment, with the words "Trifocal."
The instrumental "Brazilian Soul" is magnificent, shows that the pair had a great support band. "Broken Heart" by Tim Maia and "Patatí, Patatá" by Getúlio Côrtes (which comes as a dedication to Carlos Santana) are the other songs that can be placed in the best of the album.
What you see afterwards is a lot of Brazilian music, with a regional tone, a lot of lyricism, a lot of wah-wah on guitars and great vocals.
At the time, sales were not as good and as it did not have reissues in the following decades, the LP became a great collector's item, disputed to the tapas by the fans.
To regret, just the fact that it was the only album of the duo. Because of the immense talent he possessed, he would have offered much more for Brazilian music.
After the album's release, Tony continued his musical career as a solo artist, music producer, and record company executive. Already Frankye had some problems with drug abuse and unfortunately, left his career aside.
Analyzing the Brazilian music, we can see that the 70's has a peculiar characteristic, that is to present artists that influenced many people (directly or indirectly) and that for one reason or another, have been a little forgotten over the years. Thankfully, today we can "rescue" these artists and revere them in the way they deserve. Certainly, Tony and Frankye are on this special list....Fabiano Oliveira.......................

A1 Vou Procurar O Meu Lugar
A2 Depois Da Chuva No Pôsto 4
A3 Que Eu Acabei Com Nosso Amor
A4 Vamos Lá Pra Ver
A5 Hoje É Quarta Feira
A6 Alma Brasileira
B1 Estou Perdido No Meio Da Rua
B2 Trifocal
B3 Patatí Patatá
B4 O Uirapurú
B5 Broken Heart
B6 Canção De Esperar

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