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1 May 2017

Trout “Trout” 1968 US Sunshine Psych Pop Rock

Trout “Trout” 1968 US Sunshine Psych Pop
The Trout was the late Tony Romeo’s band before he made it big writing hit songs for the Partridge Family and Lou Christie. He formed this pop-psychedelic trio in the late ‘60s along with his brother, Frank Romeo, and a classically-trained female singer named Cassandra Morgan. Together, they released this lone album, which offers a good example of “post-Sgt. Pepper” pop. It’s got orchestration, a melange of styles, and even some sound effects thrown in. (Translation: If you don’t like it, blame the Cute Beatle.) 

Romeo penned all of the album’s songs. Since he’s the guy responsible for the catchy hooks in hits like “I Think I Love You” and “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” (not to mention some great Partridge Family deep cuts), it’s no surprise that this LP has some really great tunes. Some of the better ones include “November Song”, “Carnival Girl,” and “Sunrise Highway”. 

Cassandra Morgan’s vocals especially stand out on songs like “Worse (SIC) Day I’ve Ever Been To.” You wish she’d sung a bit more here. Morgan would later record some sides with Tony and along with Frank and sing back-up on some Lou Christie tracks recorded in the early '70s. As for the Trout, it probably fell by the wayside when producer Wes Farrell tapped Tony Romeo to compose hits for the then-new TV show about a musical family. Or maybe they called it a day because they got tired of people making Beefheart jokes……………

Tracklist Hide Credits 
A1 The Beginning 0:38 
A2 Fresh Water 
Lead Vocals – Tony* 
A3 Crazy Billy 3:25 
A4 Carnival Girl 4:02 
A5 Teddy Bear’s Picnic 0:28 
A6 November Song 4:04 
Arizona Two Thoughts 
A7a Cuddlin’ Warm 1:10 
A7b Here Beside You Now 0:58 

A8 Hushabye Wee Bobby 3:21 
B1 Yeah Yeah Yeah 
Lead Vocals – Frank* 
B2 Worse Day I’ve Been To 
Lead Vocals – Cassandra* 
B3 You Can’t Hang On 
Lead Vocals – Frank* 
B4 Understanding Who I Am 2:42 
B5 Sunrise Highway 
Lead Vocals – Frank* 
B6 The End 0:22 

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