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13 May 2017

Turner Bros. “Act 1 ” 1974 US Private Soul Funk

Turner Bros. “Act 1 ”  1974 US mega rare Private Soul Funk

THE TURNER BROS. It all started back in the late 50’s with Melvin, Calvin and Allison singing with their father James in Columbia, South Carolina. After moving to the Indianapolis area in 1963, Allison and Calvin decided to pursue a career in R&B . Their early success came in the late 60’s while singing on the ATLANTIC and CHESS labels. Then the group started to grow. Four younger brothers, Rudy, Charles, Harrison and Paul joined the band to make it more of a family affair. Rounding out the group now, in addition to these talented brothers are James Dixon, Michael Boards, Rudy Ross, Charles Cotton and Ted Patterson…………….

A1 Running In The Rain 3:53
A2 Every Time I’m Near You 3:17
A3 Cause I Love You 4:09
A4 Let’s Go Fishing 2:47
B1 Please The People 2:43
B2 I Remember 4:15
B3 Sweetest Thing In The World 2:14
B4 Sound Of The Taurus 5:40 

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