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14 May 2017

Various ‎“Black Girl” Original Sound Track Recording 1973 Soul Funk,Jazz Funk

Various ‎ “Black Girl” Original Sound Track Recording 1973 Soul Funk,Jazz Funk
Rare blaxploitation soundtrack with appearances from Rodger Collins, Betty Everett and J.J. Malone. Includes the funky sample cut “No World For Dreamers” and lots more………… 

The 1970s saw a plethora of great funk and jazz albums that for somewhat mystifying reasons have failed to be reissued. Sitting at home one night it occurred to me that we had better get a move on and get them out. With this in mind we are launching BGP Funk and Soul Classics: long out-of-print albums on CD featuring the very best mastering, great packaging and some nifty sleeve notes to let you know where the album fits into the scheme of things. Our first batch of releases come from the extensive catalogue of Fantasy Records and feature a host of albums that are sought after by collectors the world over. 

One of the rarest and most obscure of the soundtracks for black movies from the 70s, Black Girl is also a very interesting proposition musically, with its producers Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin writing the music and then drafting in various artists who were signed to Fantasy. 

The main theme has the brilliant Betty Everett singing her heart out, there are rare contributions from Rodger Collins and Walter Hawkins, while J.J. Malone’s No World For Dreamers is a great two step soul number. The remainder of the album is made up of instrumentals including Choc Lite Puddin’ with some great Merl Saunders organ playing, and the funky BJ’s Step………….

A1 Black Girl 
Saxophone – Sonny Stitt 
Vocals – Betty Everett 
A2 B.J.’s Step 3:25 
A3 Get Me To The Bridge 
Vocals – Rodger Collins 
A4 Mother’s Day Song I 1:56 
A5 Power 
Trumpet – John Hunt 
A6 Mother’s Day Song II 2:49 
A7 Black Girl Cue I 0:59 
A8 No World For Dreamers 
Vocals – J.J. Malone 
B1 I Am Your Mailman 
Vocals – Rodger Collins 
B2 What It Is 2:59 
B3 Earl (Still A Pearl) 
Trumpet – John Hunt 
B4 Chock-lite Puddin’ 
Organ – Merl Saunders 
B5 Black Girl Cue II 0:34 
B6 Chock-lite Puddin’ Cue 0:53 
B7 Sister 
Vocals – Walter Hawkins 

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