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28 May 2017

Various “Brazilian Guitar Fuzz BananasTropicalista Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967 - 1976″ Brazil Psych Rock

Various:  “Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalista Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967 - 1976″ Brazil Psych Rock
in soundcloud with better sound.
In the late '60s, where Gilberto Gil and Os Mutantes headed, many other groups followed. Thanks to the good folks at World Psychedelic Funk Classics, we have 16 more tracks to file right beside the best of Os Mutantes. Most of them are spot-on examples of the form, complete with wall-of-guitar fuzz, piercing lead guitar, reverbed vocals, psych organs, drum kits bashed beyond belief, and numerous references to pop culture or drugs (the opener is a cover of the Batman theme). Lloyce e Os Gnomes get in the best Mutantes impression, with a song from 1969 called "Era uma Nota De," but there's much more quality material than that, including Fábio's funky "LSD (Lindo Sonho Delirante)," rough-hewn Brazilian soul with Serguei's "Ourico," and the psychedelic female pop "Cinturao de Fogo" by Marisa Rossi. Some of the tracks here from the '70s feature a bluesier, funkier backing than Mutantes -- in similar company to their earlier volume, Psych Funk 101 (1968-1975) -- often sounding as much like Rare Earth as Sly Stone. And, although virtually all of the tracks come from a four-year window between 1968 and 1972, the compilers wisely chose an odd track from 1976 that turns out to be a mostly unrecognizable cover of "God Save the Queen" by a group named 14 Bis (likely not the same 14 Bis that formed later in the '70s) John Bush.........

Yesterday I was giving that daily look in the newspaper and I came across a story that left me interested in knowing the result of the work. The title of the story was: "Collection collects tracks from the lysergic beginnings of Brazilian rock".

I tried to search in the brain for some Brazilian band that could fit there. "A friend told me about a band, but ... I forgot the name." Hmmm, let's see this deal. "

Like the "real" great Brazilian musicians such as Mutantes quoted, Tom Zé or Villa Lobos, only someone gives attention, is impressed and the first thing that makes is to edit and record a disc that, in the end, will have great Repercussion, positive matters, and then comes to Brazil. It happened again.

The Brazilian Joel Stone, who lives in New York and has a tallow with the great name of Tropicália In Furs ("The best record shop on Earth", says the site or "There is nowhere in the world where you can find recordings as Those, "in the words of DJ Egon) just put together a collection that is the most impressive I've ever heard, I swear! The name is the one that is in the above title (Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalista Psychedelic Masterpieces, 1967 - 1976). Pure happiness.

There are 16 crazy songs, totally unknown to most living beings. The guy made a real gold mine that even Indiana Jones would not have come close.

So, known, only the "Janis eater" Serguei with the song "Hedgehog" ("This bug is very crazy and wants to bite me," he sings). Incidentally, but no less than this r'n'r figure: Fábio, Celio Balona, ​​Tony And The Color Sound, The Pops, Marisa Rossi and so on.

Lisergia even in the name: "Beautiful Delirious Dream", "Imaginary Sound of Jimi Hendrix", "I'm Going Out of Captivity", "The Turbines Are Connected", "What is this?" ...

And more. The single CD or double vinyl comes with a colorful book in English and Portuguese, a poster in three dimensions accompanied by glasses and another video with comments. Ever since I heard it, I dream of having this physical work in my hands.

I agree with what Marcus Black said in the article: "The material is a kind of missing link in our musical history."...............

A1 –Celio Balona Tema De Batman
Performer [Multi-instrumentalist] – Celio Balona
Written-By – Neal Heasf*
A2 –Loyce E Os Gnomes* Era Uma Nota De
Written-By – Ge*, Loyce
A3 –The Youngsters (2) I Wanna Be Your Man
Written-By – Lennon, McCartney*
A4 –Serguei Ourico
Vocals – Sergio Augusto Bustamente
Written-By – Paulinho Machado
B1 –Fabio (22) Lindo Sonho Delirante
Vocals – Fabio (22)
Written-By – Carlos Imperial, Juan Senon Rolon*
B2 –Tony E Som Colorido O Carona
Written-By – Frankie*, Tony*
B3 –14 Bis God Save The Queen
Written-By – 14 Bis
B4 –Banda De 7 Leguas* Dia De Chuva
Written-By – Jomar (2), Lula (8), Mamá (2)
C1 –Ton & Sergio* Vou Sair Do Cativerio
Written-By – Ton & Sergio
C2 –Ely* As Turbinas Estao Ligadas
Vocals, Keyboards – Eliseu Da Silva Barra*
Written-By – Marville Froes
C3 –Com Os Falcoes Reais Ele Seculo XX
Written-By – Serginho (6)
C4 –Marisa Rossi (3) Cinturao De Fogo
Written-By – Fabio*, Paulo Imperial
D1 –The Pops* Som Imaginario De Jimmi Hendrix
Written-By – Pedro Roberto Tonnera
D2 –Loyce E Os Gnomes* Que E Isso?
Written-By – Brisola*, Fae, Loyce, Stival
D3 –Piry* Heroi Moderno
Vocals, Composed By, Arranged By – Piry Reis
Written-By – Chico Xaves, Piry*
D4 –Mac Rybell The Lantern
Written-By – Jagger, Richards*

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