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3 May 2017

Windforce"First Songs"1980 Australia Private Christian Psych Hard Rock

Windforce  "First Songs" 1980 ultra rare Australia Private Christian Psych Hard Rock
This extremely rare and elusive album by Jim Baker was recorded in Brisbane at Multi-Media Studios and was released on the private label, Windforce Recordings, and pressed through EMI Custom in 1980. The group consisted of multi-instrumentalist and the album's producer Jim Baker on guitar, lead vocals and keyboards, Steve Rixon on bass and vocals, and Geoff Sharp on drums and vocals. Musically, the sound on the album is predominantly a power-trio styled slice of guitar-driven hard psych and garage-driven hard rock with Christian lyrical themes. The musical style recalls a much cruder Clear Blue Sky at times and is strikingly similar to fellow Queensland teenage hard rock band Bad Habit, especially the untrained youthful vocals, the raw production sound and particularly the riff-based and garage hard-rock sensibilities that Bad Habit exuded on their 1977 'Stormchild' album. Even though the album was released 1980, the general feel of the album and the basement production definitely places it somewhere in the early 1970s. I would not be surprised if the songs on the album were recorded earlier and only saw the light of day on record in 1980.

The album is laced with characteristics of early 70's psychedelic hard rock from the whacked out Hammond organ solo on 'Baby, You Know', the crunchy fuzz guitars, the intergalactic guitar solo on 'Space Captain' (which sounds like a concoction of feedback, phasing and string scraping) and the use of the wah-wah pedal every now and then. There is also a distinctive garage sensibility, as exemplified in the primitive songwriting and the ferociously energetic and hyperactive drumming. The only small negative would have to be the power-chord-driven songwriting, which is somewhat unremarkable at times - this is especially noticeable on the slower tracks - and the Christian-themed lyrics, which are unfortunately pretty bad. However, the general youthful energy and rawness in their delivery and the multiple psychedelic guitar solos make up for their songwriting inexperience. As the title of the album suggests, these compositions very well could have been the 'first songs' ever written by Jim Baker. Thus taking this into account, along with their obvious naivety does make the album a more enjoyable listening experience.

Overall, Jim Baker's First Songs is a phenomenally obscure Australian artifact from the underground scene that has seemingly yet to be discovered amongst collectors, as there is virtually no information on the album or the band on the internet anywhere. Also, I cannot imagine many copies being pressed either, which might account for its elusiveness. Although the album is no lost masterpiece, it is nonetheless recommended for fans of 'DIY' garage-driven hard rock, amateurish guitar-oriented power-trio rock and collectors of rare Australian music...............

Baby I Know You (E.C.)
Space Captain
Jesus Boogie
In My Mind I've Seen
It's Not My Eyes (But My Mind)
You Can't Put Him Down (Simple)
Some Don't Know
Sad On Your Own

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