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14 May 2017

Wolfgang Düren "Eyeless Dreams" 1980 Germany Electronic Berlin-School, Ambient, Experimental,Cosmic,Space

Wolfgang Düren "Eyeless Dreams" 1980 Germany Electronic Berlin-School, Ambient, Experimental,Cosmic,Space


Wolfgang Düren became more widely known to people as the chairman of Waldorf Music. Before founding Waldorf Music he partnered with Wolfgang Palm, the man behind PPG, and distributed his synths in the late seventies till the fall of PPG in the mid eighties. Later Wolfgang distributed the synths of Waldorf, Access and Novation with his company TSI. 
While he was distributing or later in charge of building synths, he was also a musician. In the late seventies he recorded the LP "Eyeless Dream". This record featured many sounds of the early PPG wavetable synths that just have had become available to some musicians searching for a new kind of sound beyond the conventional synth sounds using filters and modulations as main building blocks to shape their sound. These very new sounds in electronic music made this LP an insiders favourite over the years. Today this rare LP is of cause not available anymore................

While very mesmerizing in its best moments, there's a little too much generic brand Berlin School music for this album qualify it as an original experience. Nevertheless, it's a worthy one-off, even if it sounds dated during certain parts. In truth, probably closer to a three and half star album, earning four stars for its strongest moments, its coolness factor and it's unique, dark ending. ...........

Eyeless Dreams is a solid entry for those into 1970s Berlin School sounds. Sequencers and synthesizer solos are the order of the day. Lots of Klaus Schulze, some Adelbert von Deyen and even a little Kraftwerk. Since I'm fond of the genre, this is an easy one for me to recommend. 

A couple of release notes: The original cover is silver, not white. As well, there isn't a date anywhere on the LP itself. It's generally attributed to 1980, however the only notes I could find on the internet is that it was recorded in the late .........

Producer, Composed By, Arranged By, Mixed By – Wolfgang Düren

A1 Eyeless Dream I 8:17 
A2 Phila 9:53 
B1 904 5:57 
B2 Proton 8:17 
B3 Eyeless Dream II 
Words By [Texte], Voice [Sprache] – Bettina Weber 

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