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28 May 2017

Ýr ‎" Ýr" 1975 Iceland Prog Rock,Jazz Fusion

Ýr ‎" Ýr" 1975 Iceland Prog Rock,Jazz Fusion
This unpronounceable combination of the letters of the Icelandic alphabet is the name of the only album that appeared just before Christmas 1975 on the domestic label “ÁÁ Records”, for the authorship of the short-lived rock group with the same name. The album contains 11 songs sung in Icelandic and English, his cover artwork was written by Þorsteinn Eggertsson, originally a musician, singer and songwriter, but then carried away by copywriting and visual arts in the field of journalism, journalism and his first love - music. LP was recorded at Soundtek Studios in New York City, in the same year, 1975, and produced by Jakob Frímann Magnússon, born May 5, 1953 in Copenhagen, an Icelandic composer, arranger, director and producer. In Iceland, he is best known as a keyboard player and one of the founders of the multi-instrumentalist group Stuðmenn, with whom he recorded about 15 albums between 1975-2014. In addition, Magnússon also released several solo works in the genre of jazz fusion, recorded with a number of famous jazz musicians from the United States. Here and this time in the creation of the album “Yer” Jacob was assisted by members of his band The White Backman Trio or Icelandic Hvítárbakkatríóinu, who accompanied him for several years. These included: guitarists Alan Murphy and Preston Hayman, bassist John Gibbings and vocalist Steve Scheffer. The invited drummer was Rafn Ragnar Jónsson (8.12.1954-27.06.2004), later known Icelandic owner and co-owner of several labels and recording studios, as well as a producer. It is noteworthy that some of the named musicians further participated in the recording of the first album of the same group Stuðmenn of the same 1975. Well, the album “Ýr” was reissued in 1996 on a CD under the even more difficult name “Ýr Var Þаð Heillin!”…………… 

Bass, Vocals – Hálfdán Hauksson 
Drums – Rafn R. Jónsson 
Guitar – Sigurður Rósi Sigurðsson 
Guitar, Vocals – Reynir Guðmundsson

A1 Kanínan
A2 Upp Fjallið
A3 Óður Ellibelgsins
A4 Kántrívísur
A5 Stálfjöður
B1 Lífið Er Svo Létt
B2 Maríuhænan
B3 Harmsaga Æfi Minnar
B4 Flóra Og Laddi
B5 Togum Í Teit
B6 Niðurblálag 

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