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30 Jun 2017

Anjo Gabriel "O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel" 2011 Brazil Psych Space Rock

Anjo Gabriel "O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel" 2011 Brazil Psych Space Rock 2 Lp`s  limited to 300 colored copies


Psychedelic reef. Known for planting fundamental seeds in all fields of Brazilian music of the last 20 years, the capital of Pernambuco has expanded its musical range to such an extent that today it does not respond for a single label or formula. An example of this is the Anjo Gabriel .

The Quartet updates the obscure "udigrudi" hippism of the north-east
Artists such as Ave Sangria and Lula Côrtes.

The Secret Cult of the Anjo Gabriel , the group's first recording debut, was fully recorded in an analogue system. The record distills the traveling psychedelia of the band, with the feet a little in London a little in Recife, but, everywhere, far from the ground.

With the initial pressing of 500 copies in 140g black vinyl sold out in less than 6 months, the band releases the second press of "The Secret Worship of the Gabriel Angel" limited to 300 colored copies in 180g.

Already available in the soundcloud of the band the promo editions of the next album that will be released in September. These are excerpts chosen for the release of the album "Lucifer Rising" which consists of a 30 minute song divided on two sides.........................

Anjo Gabriel  hallucinated and immersed in psychedelia

The first information is mysterious, slightly dubious: "They will play in a house ..." In a house? "Yes, they and six other bands ..." After a pretty panicked on the net, it was possible to find at least the address of such a house, but nothing more. And the mystery continued. Rainy Sunday, that uninterrupted drizzle that Sao Paulo used to be proud of. In the middle of the afternoon, the house is found in a traditional neighborhood of the city. The sound can be heard from the street, coming from below. The group just entered the stage, or rather, the room. A ramp gives access to the yard, where a conglomerate of freaks drinks beer in private mugs and tastes a kind of hot dog prepared in a huge cauldron. It seems like time for recess at any kindergarten - the kids running, talking, laughing - eating and drinking in the rain. To find the room where the group presents itself, the only way is to follow the sound waves. Going through animated costumes of the Devendra Banhart (skirt and all), emo-colored acrobats, and some punks, it is possible to draw that all that sound mass came from an aluminum door, typical of the várzea football club locker room.

It is only to enter, without hitting, and inside there about 30 people witness four young people from Recife in collective catharsis. From the land of the sun directly into the land of drizzling, running a hypnotic groove, pure Krautrock, the experimental German strand that brought to the world groups like Can, Faust, Neu! And so many others. On the improvised stage, the guitarist abuses a two-armed Gibson SG, an icon of the 70's, famous for illustrating timbre of hymns of the period as Stairway To Heaven, Hotel California and Band On The Run. Between the agonizing and sharp sound of theremin And projections on the wall behind the group, it is clear that the Angel Gabriel is a unique combo within the current Brazilian rock. In this mini-tour of the boys in the southeast, these 30 minutes in the mysterious house were the only taste that the Paulistas had of Angel Gabriel, a lunatic grouping that certainly would not make ugly a Rock In Rio or a SWU of life. The band was formed when some of its members met in a Hippie community of Recife, called Ripohlandya, also name of the seal developed by them, through which emerged the first, and for the moment unique, record of the band: The Secret Cult of the Gabriel Angel.

The vinyl, double, is almost all instrumental, a sound oasis for those tired of the indie whine that plagues the world. Echoes of the northeastern "damn" psychedelia of the 70s is the backbone of the work, which also feeds on the heavy sound of Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer, Pink Floyd's spatial progressive and Zeppelin's hard groove. Yes, it looks like a lost record from an obscure group of the time, from the ones you download today and think you've discovered the universe. "We chose to launch on vinyl and use the analog process in production. This practice sounds real and coherent, "says the folks, who take the cue:" We can say that we run out of modern distribution solutions with the 'less is more' strategy. Working within this practice provokes the old connoisseurs and brings forth new onlookers. Moreover, the fact of collecting records makes us understand a little how the trade works and the public that consumes music produced on vinyl. "

The elepê was recorded on a 16-channel roller recorder, at a site where the group ran some intense mornings making long jams. From these lysergic sessions came the eight songs of the album. Long, worked, progressive and free songs. After the impact on 'udigrudi' Angel Gabriel is already prepared to face the notorious 'curse' of the second album: "We have a basically defined idea about the next release, which is already composed and arranged. It will be a trail for the film Lucifer Rising, by Kenneth Anger. Since the film has only half an hour, our intention is to make an alternative trail, and cast it on a ten-inch disk that should come out until the middle of the year 2012, before the world ends ... "Literally cursed and apotheotic....................

From the first to the last track what is heard in this work is a true psychedelic roller never seen in the Brazilian progressive scene. Guitars that tear, tear like a lion that roars in search of its prey. The keyboard is pure smell of the 70s. Bass and battery unreachable. It has a splendorous blend of Hawkwind with Cause Sui and Space Debris spectacular. It has a hard a la Purple and Zeppelin as well. "The Secret Cult of the Angel Gabriel" is an album that gives a great pleasure to listen countless times and to reunite the friends as it was customary to do in the 70s. It is a record that, of course, will replace a simple and shy smile for a true Laughter of joy to show that progressive (psychedelic) Brazilian rock is doing very well, thank you..................

André Sette (Teclados, Theremim, Flauta)
Marco da Lata (Baixo)
Cris Rás (Guitarra)
CH Malves (Bateria)

1 Peace Karma
2 Sunshine In Outer Space
3 Mantra III
4 Astralysmo
5 Ostinato Em Can Menor N1
6 1973
7 O Boi, O Grilo E O Cogumelo
8 O Poder Do Passaro Flamejante(dubdeepsabbath)

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