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21 Jun 2017

Avanvo 5 "Somos Jovens" 1970 Brazil Beat,Pop Rock

Avanvo 5 "Somos Jovens" 1970 Brazil Beat,Pop Rock


The Avanço 5 is another one of those meteoric bands that appeared in the 1960s, with the Jovem Guarda movement. Unfortunately there is very little information about this group. It is only known that it was an instrumental and vocal group from São Paulo, composed of five members.

Another information is that they used to be a band of accompaniment of several artists of the time. They even recorded in 1969, with Tony Campello, an album called "Rhythms of the Youth"

Their only exclusive album, titled "We Are Young" was recorded in 1970 and released by Fama label. Due to the difficulty in distribution, the disc was not a success. However, in the eyes of the present, I think the band could get better luck. There are interesting interpretations of familiar songs. I highlight the interpretation of the songs Stormy (Classics IV), Shut Up (Deny and Dino), Not Even You (Roberto Carlos) and Good Bye (Lennon & McCartney).........

A1 Stormy
A2 Bobo Não Sou
A3 F... Comme Femme
A4 Shut Up
A5 First Of May
A6 My Little Lady
B1 Nem Mesmo Você
B2 Não Sou De Ferro
B3 Nem Um Talvez
B4 Preciso Esquecer Você
B5 Lost Friend
B6 Good Bye

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