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24 Jun 2017

Beggars Banquet “Hard Treatment” 1976 Japan Private Psych Punk

Beggars Banquet  “Hard Treatment” 1976 Japan mega rare Private Psych Punk 


Around around 75, 6, when a new movement of punk began to occur in New York, Japan also had a band with punk attitude in Niigata and was doing live. The band is called BEGGARS BANQUET.

On September 26, 1976, the "Feast of the Waste" live performed in Niigata Prefecture. The state at that time is recorded in LP "HARD TREATMENT" which is the only sound source of BEGARDS · banquet. If you listen to this you can feel their "fever". certainly.

Hate · Attitude & Frustration The lyrics of the full opening are already the best punk, and this Jake! It has a great sense. All is already too early.

Listening to this is not in a band like a garbage that will be as many as the number of stars currently called "punk" as it is now, as soon as I heard something seems to stab my throat and something like that I feel a sense. It is not good or bad. I can not say it well ... but this band has "terrify". It is persuasive. There is no such band.................

Bass – Kensuke Wakatsuki
Drums – Yushi Mikuni
Guitar – Makoto Ortake, Yukinori Kameda
Producer – Aquirax Aida
Recorded By – Love Sounds (2)
Vocals – Akira Honma

A1 The Stupid (Theme Of Beggars Banquet) 4:22
A2 Touch Of Evil 2:47
A3 Hard Treatment 3:18
A4 Lewed Woman 3:43
A5 Ballad For The Ruins 8:20
B1 Angel Of Sorrow (Crying Dancer) 4:18
B2 Rock'n'Roll Freak Boogie 5:28
B3 Silly Town, Silly People 6:20
B4 Crazy Life Forever 8:26
B5 Last Time Follie 1:01 

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