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11 Jun 2017

Blackwell “Blackwell"1970 US Private Psych Blues Rock

Blackwell “Blackwell"1970 US Private  Psych Blues Rock
A Texas rock and roll outfit, whose songs had strong vocals and some psychedelic influence. John "Rabbitt" Bundrick was later involved with The Who and one of their cuts Outside has resurfaced recently on both .........

The Texas rock outfit Blackwell released four singles in two years on the interstellar Astro label, but the band's star never got much beyond regional gazing. John "Rabbit" Bundrick, a keyboard noodler, is the one member of the band to mingle with international rock stardom as a member of Free and part of the Who's outer circle of musical accomplices. Vocalist Glenn Gibson, not to be confused with a well-worn songwriting pseudonym of the '50s, had an extremely appealing voice, one of the main reasons the group's first single, "Wonderful," got heavy airplay in Texas and other numbers such as the 1969 "Outside" have gotten small transfusions from later compilations with far-out titles such as Acid Visions: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 and '69 Eugene Chadbourne...........

Bass – Terry Wilson (3)
Drums – Randy Dehart
Guitar – Jimmy Smith (19)
Lead Vocals – Glenn Gibson (4)
Organ, Piano, Arranged By – Johnny Bundrick*

A1 Fake 3:50
A2 Dirty Story 3:18
A3 Heaven Or Worse 3:22
A4 Something Real 2:33
A5 Please, Mr Jupiter 4:05
B1 Almost Gifted 4:21
B2 Outside 2:44
B3 Sleepy Weekend 2:20

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