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5 Jun 2017

CCS "The Best Band In The Land" 1973 UK Prog Jazz Rock,Funk feat..Alexis Corner

CCS  "The Best Band In The Land" 1973 UK Prog Jazz Rock,Funk feat..Alexis Corner

The Best Band in the Land is the third and final studio album of Collective Consciousness Society. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, January to May 1973 and released in September that year. 

It includes covers of songs by The Kinks and Cream amongst others, but unlike their first album it mostly features original compositions. The style continues that of their previous two albums, with heavy rock and blues songs arranged with jazz instruments………………..

C.C.S. Is an abbreviation for the Collective Consciousness Society, an English band formed by Alexis Korner and Peter Thorup, bringing together a cast of the best jazz musicians of the era. Initially it would be a studio project dedicated to reinterpreting rock hits in a big band format, however, a version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” was so successful that they decided to perform, with the line-up varying according to The availability of each. This particular version reached No. 1 on the charts and became the subject of the BBC’s Top of the Pops show. 
From what we hear here, calling ourselves on this record of “the best band …” is not presumption, no…………….

Alexis Korner - violon, vocal 
Peter Thorup - violon, vocal 
John Cameron - electric piano, regency 
Jim Lawless - Percussion 
Bill Le Sage - Percussion 
Barry Morgan -Battery 
Tony Carr -Battery 
Spike Heatley-under 
Herbie Flowers-under 
Alan Parker -guitar 
Harold McNair, Tony Coe, Peter King, Danny Moss, Bob Efford, Ronnie Ross -axax 
Neil Sanders - French Speech 
Don Lusher, John Marshall, Brian Perrin, Bill Geldard-trombone 
Greg Bowen, Tony Fisher, Les Condon, Harold Beckett, Henry Lowther, Kenny Wheeler -Trompete

A1 The Band Played The Boogie
A2 Wild Witch Lady
A3 Lola
A4 Primitive Love
A5 Hundred Highways
B1 Shakin’ All Over
B2 Memphis
B3 Sunshine Of Your Love
B4 Our Man In London
B5 Cannibal Sheep 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..