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3 Jun 2017

Cosa Nostra "Cosa Nostra" 1971 Mexico Heavy Psych Latin Funk

Cosa Nostra  "Cosa Nostra" 1971 Mexico Heavy Psych Latin Funk

Incredibly talented, Latin-Funk Soul band with touches of psychedelia similar to that of early Parliament (Osmium period, mostly), Funkadelic with touches of the Mothers of Invention here and there. The only weak spot on the album was yet another version of Proud Mary (geesh, I think this one has been covered as many times as "MacArthur Park") which I could have done without, although it's inclusion was more or less there for "international recognition". Other than that, the rest of the album is ...........

Heavy duty rare Latin psych funk album, recorded in Mexico 1971. Their english language debut has heavy grooves right from the start, with hard guitar, bass, drums and organ kicking it and not letting up. Sounding a bit like Black Sugar if you can imagine U-Roy singing along with the rhythm tracks and some strangely dissonant background singers chiming in to boot..............

Can't seem to find anything about this obscure artifact and I can't even remember from where I found it, possibly from the blog linked below, and I am not even sure what motivated me to check it out. It's been on my hard drive for a little while and today I was inspired enough to keep it playing on the ipod throughout out the day. There is not a lot here to indicate the Mexican origins of this LP, except the groovy Latin number "I Like It like That". Apart from that, the rest of the album is pretty much psychedelic soul infused funk, and pretty good funk at that. with some strong tracks that make me want to move and some enjoyable blues tinged psychedelic guitar breaks giving it that late 60s vibe. Also a bit if an early disco vibe to some tracks. Not a particularly serious band as indicated by some of the silly lyrics sung with funny voices, which while works ok, I feel it takes away from the more serious musical passages. The other slight let down is the schmaltzy ballad "Memory of Your Touch", but this is the only real low point of this interesting platter. My rating for this one is gonna be .....................

A1 Get Down And Do It 6:29
A2 Memory Of Your Touch 3:37
A3 I Like It Like That 3:20
A4 Somebody Been Sleepin In My Bed 4:28
B1 Squeeze It Tight 6:08
B2 Proud Mary 3:58
B3 Cosa Nostra 5:11
B4 Change Of Mind 3:00 

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