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21 Jun 2017

Coutryad Music Group "Just Our Way of Saying Hello" 1974 Scotland Private Acid Folk

Coutryad Music Group "Just Our Way of Saying Hello" 1974 mega rare Scotland Private Acid Folk only 100 copies pressed. the rarest of the rare acid folk

The rarest of the rarest of acid-folk private pressings, Courtyard Music Group’s album (also known as Just Our Way Of Saying Hello) is also the best of the best, being on a par with luminaries like Caedmon and Stone Angel. Much of the time, it sounds like an alternative soundtrack to ‘The Wicker Man’, with eerie pagan themes, lots of tuned percussion and a wistful, distinctly Scottish feel. Indeed, the opening cut is a version of ‘Summer Is Icumen In’, while the instrumental ‘Haggis’ Tune’ (actually written in honour of a band member’s hamster) always puts me in mind of the film’s triumphal procession, with the animal masks. For most people the highlight will be the extended psychedelic improvisation ‘Jam and Gipsy Cream (Magician)’, which takes up most of side two. Whilst the album is distinctly lo-fi, the playing and singing is of an exceptionally high quality, making it hard to believe that it was cut mainly by teenagers as a school project. 100 copies were pressed, of which four have resurfaced at the time of writing. The year before, most of the same musicians released another, even rarer, album as Killy Country; this is a good deal less consistent, but the best cuts are definitely on a par with the Courtyard Music Group material.................

A1 The Seasons
A2 Ante-Glock Shoppe
A3 Haggis' Tune
A4 The Bonny Labouring Boy
A5 Bridges
A6 Alki Blues
A7 2074
B1 Song For Claire
B2 Jam And Gipsy Cream (The Magician)
B3 Petronella / Goodbye

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