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30 Jun 2017

Donna Caroll "Donna Caroll" 1973 Argentina Prog Folk,Latin Jazz

Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Alejo Medina, Donna Caroll, Billy Bond

Donna Caroll "Donna Caroll" 1973 Argentina Prog Folk,Latin Jazz


The singer of Jazz Donna Caroll, accompanied by La Pesada, Adalverto Cevasco, Lopez Ruiz, interpreting subjects of Spinetta, A. Medina, Porchetto etc. Recorded in 1973.......

Lp by exquisite female jazz singer Donna Caroll performing all times classic Argentine standards going from tango (A. Pîazzolla) to folk (A. Yupanqui) backed by Billy Bond, Kubero Diaz, Alejandro Medina & Claudio Gabis a.k.a "La Pesada" among other top musicians from the jazz & folk scenes like Domingo Cura & Adalberto Cevasco with arrangements & conduction by Oscar Lopez Ruiz. The peculiar assemble results in an interesting folk prog album. A Must Have for Worldwide Collectors!!!........................

Another very requested album in La Nave del Rock Argento, that of this excellent jazz singer with the collaboration of La Pesada del Rock and Roll, interpreting some emblematic themes of Argentinean and Latin American popular music A delirium of eclecticism in which there are "rarities "As interesting as" The bagual rock del gualicho "(Alejandro Medina), living with" Chiquilin de bachín "(Piazzolla and Ferrer), as well as" The axes of my cart "(Atahualpa Yupanqui)," Maria Betania " (By Caetano Veloso), "El dia que me quieras" (by Gardel and Le Pera) and "Prayer for a Sleeping Child" (by Spinetta, which was the simple one for the diffusion of this album)..............

Donna and La Pesada

"For the students of the national rock, Donna Caroll is also a great singer who knew to have a meeting with the troupe of the Heavy of the Rock and Roll that commanded Jorge Álvarez, legendary publisher and producer of bands like Manal, and pioneer creator of the seal Mandioca At the initiative of Álvarez, Caroll sang in Buenos Aires Blus and then with her husband Oscar López Ruiz recorded a very good album (the namesake Donna Caroll) with musicians like Billy Bond, Alejandro Medina and other habitués of La Pesada. Piece of collection and a jewel of his discography.

"How did you end up recording with La Pesada?"

"It was Jorge Álvarez's idea. And it was the opportunity to do wonderful things, especially for Oscar, who took the opportunity to interact musically with La Pesada. They behaved excellent with us. And even today, when we see each other, we embrace and greet each other with much affection. For example with Alejandro Medina when we are in Sadaic. The truth is that I loved doing that record with them and today I remember it as a very cute moment. " ....Donna Carrol,.............


01- La baguala rock del gualicho (Alejandro Medina)
02- Sana, sana, colita de rana (Raul Porchetto)
03- Chiquilín de Bachín (Astor Piazzolla-Horacio Ferrer)
04- Las casualidades de Bebe, Belly, Donna y Juan (B.Bond-B.B.Muñoz-Juan Gelman)
05- Los ejes de mi carreta (Atahualpa Yupanqui)
06- Plegaria para un niño dormido (Luis Alberto Spinetta)
07- María Betania (Caetano Veloso)
08- El día que me quieras (Carlos Gardel-Alfredo Lepera)

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