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20 Jun 2017

Dorians “Rock Concerto” 1970 Canada Beat,Psych Rock

Dorians  “Rock Concerto” 1970 Canada Beat,Psych  Rock


An obscure outfit who were based in Windsor, Ontario, although they were originally from Kingsville,
a small town about 30 miles away from Windsor. Their second 45 (included on the album) was psychedelic ,
the first (not on album) justa straightforward pop/rock rendition.
They also had an overseas hit with a third song, Psychedelic Lipstick .
Their lead singer and songwriter, John Unger, had previously played with two local bands,
The Small Town Boys and The Living Ends before forming The Dorians
with bassist Bob Nixon in 1968...(Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares)...........

Windsor's The Dorians was formed in Kingsville, Ontario by Unger (Small Town Boys, The Living Ends) and bass player Bob Nixon in 1968. They released the single "If I Were 21 And You Were 24" on Detroit's GM Records to little success.

The Dorians were discovered by Ray Charles band member Floyd James who suggested that the group record "Psychedelic Lipstick" which became a hit overseas in 1970. Later that year they released "Help For My Waiting" which did moderately better in North America. ....Canoe Jam.............

John Unger (vocals)
Bill Loop (guitar)
Bob Nixon (bass)
Mike Bets (drums)
Floyd Jones

A1 Torch Song
A2 Owl Pussy Cat
A3 Rock Concerto
B1 Help For My Waiting
B2 Judith
B3 Means And Ways
B4 Good Love
B5 Psychedelic Lipstick

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