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11 Jun 2017

Esper "Home Grown Sounds Of Rush" 1975 US Private Drug Psych Experimental,Electronic

Esper "Home Grown  Sounds Of Rush" 1975 US Private Drug Psych Experimental,Electronic

From the original cover:
"A sonic sound spectacular, 'Home Grown' is intended to be listened to while stoned. It is designed to give the listener a multiplicity of rushes. I define sonic rush as pulsating spirits of good. Vibrations that reverberate through your body in rippling waves of pleasure. The sounds are primitive. The beat is basic. The effects are personal."

Recorded in Maryland in 1975 and intended to be listened to while high, this is a high point (pun semi-unintended) of outsider/stoner/idiot-savant musique concrete. Originally released on vinyl, it's a sui generis blend of primitive synths, treated vocals, scraped metals and "field recordings" of a bong, all lovingly dosed with liberal amounts of delay and reverb...............

A1 Sonic 1 0:45
A2 Intro 2:10
A3 Sonic 2 0:22
A4 Spinner 0:55
A5 Sonic 3 0:38
A6 Marawana Rumble 3:04
A7 Sonic 4 0:20
A8 Home Grown 3:55
A9 Sonic 5 0:52
A10 Esoterical 2:07
A11 Sonic 6 0:33
B1 Pulses 1:27
B2 Sonic 7 0:24
B3 Scritches 0:33
B4 Truckin 1:00
B5 Sonic 8 0:46
B6 Forces 0:38
B7 Sonic 9 0:53
B8 Deana 0:04
B9 Sonic 10 0:17
B10 Cosmic Walk 1:19
B11 Gigglegrass 0:34
B12 Tinkler 0:40
B13 Slideout 3:18
B14 Money 0:49
B15 Sonic 11 0:09
B16 Spirals 0:50
B17 Highmonics 0:50 

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