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18 Jun 2017

Fleetwood Mac "Shrine '69" 1999 CD UK Blues Rock

Fleetwood Mac  "Shrine '69" 1999 CD UK Blues Rock


A live concert from January 25, 1969, recorded in Los Angeles by soundman Dinky Dawson. The fidelity is very good (excellent, in fact, by late-1960s standards), and the band are good form on a nine-song set (a tenth track is just a "Tune Up") that sticks mostly to lesser-known originals and covers. That means you don't get classics on the order of "Black Magic Woman" or "Oh Well," but on the other hand it's nice to hear different versions of some of the lesser-known early Mac originals, like Peter Green's anguished "Before the Beginning" and one of Danny Kirwan's better tunes, "Something Inside of Me." It's getting hard to keep track because of the bumper crop of official and semi-official live late-sixties Fleetwood Mac releases now available, but this is the first appearance of "Lemon Squeezer" to my knowledge, and "My Baby Sweet" is not easy to come by (although at least one version has appeared on a hard-to-find CD). No late-sixties Fleetwood Mac live release, it seems, is deemed complete without the inclusion of a couple of comic fifties rock covers, and you have to sit through "Great Balls of Fire" and "Blue Suede Shoes" here. The latter boasts over-the-top lewd lyrics, "lick my dick" being substituted for "blue blue, blue suede shoes" for a while in the chorus--just the type of schoolboy humor that might have seemed taboo-smashing in 1969, but seems sort of stupid on disc. This release would be of more interest if there wasn't already an abundance of live and outtake early Mac available on Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Live at the BBC, Jumping at Shadows, Cerulean, and Vaudeville Years...... by Richie Unterberger .......................

Recorded during the Mac's second US tour in January 1969 this live album puts you right there up by the stage. Great sound, it's only near the end you realise it was actually recorded in mono.It features the group halfway between leaving their blues roots and reaching the powerful peak of "Oh well" and "The green manalishi".With Danny Kirwan fully integated into the group and Jeremy Spencer still to the fore and fronted by the searing guitar of Peter Green, this album will thrill all devotees of the original Mac. If you like the "Boston blues" album you will love this one recorded a year earlier.....By bobandheleneales ........

This is a truely brilliant recording. It captures Fleetwood Mac at the peak of their playing powers, particularly Peter Green on tracks such as Before The Beginning and Something Inside Of Me. It has often been said that the Fleetwood Mac of the sixties sounded better live than on their studio albums. Listen to this album and you may well be convinced. Apart from Peter Green's excellent guitar playing and vocals it also features a few classic Jeremy Spencer slide guitar tracks and he also gives the piano a good bash on the classic Great Balls Of Fire. A must for any Mac or guitar fan.......................

Prior to becoming a pop sensation, Fleetwood Mac was a powerhouse blues act that was fueled by the guitar wizardry of Peter Green. He had met band leader Mick Fleetwood several years earlier in a group called Peter B's, which Green had joined at the age of 19. Shortly thereafter, he replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, where he met Fleetwood Mac's future bassist John McVie.

After leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1970, Green suffered a mental collapse, and only sporadically has returned to recording and performing. His most recent project Splinter Group finds him rediscovering the vibrant electric blues that he helped to pioneer in the '60s -- most notably with Fleetwood Mac. This, along with Fleetwood Mac's recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame certainly have helped him to rebuild his image and recapture his legacy.

For those who yearn for the Fleetwood Mac of old and for those who have yet to experience the magic inherent in Green's guitar playing, Rykodisc has delved deep into the archives to produce an officially sanctioned live recording of the band titled Shrine '69. The performance was captured by the group's soundman Stuart "Dinky" Dawson at Los Angeles' Shrine Exposition Hall, and this disc shows why Fleetwood Mac was regarded as one of the finest white blues bands of the 1960s.

Green's guitar playing shines throughout Shrine '69, most notably on a cover of B.B. King's Need Your Love So Bad and his own composition Rolling Man. He flooded the former tune with emotion, while paying homage to one of his earliest influences. On the latter, Green attacked the song with a biting lead while the band churned out a spirited groove that was reminiscent of some of the music that John Mayall was creating at the time. Considering that he was only 22 years old at the time of this recording, both his playing and singing convey a supernatural essence.

Clapton fans would do well to give Shrine '69 a listen, too — not just for the guitar playing but also for the vocals. Over the past decade, Clapton has really come into his own as a blues singer, and his vocal style is undeniably similar to that of Green. Just examine the versions of Before the Beginning and Need Your Love So Bad from this disc for proof.

Despite all this, Green isn't allowed to fully steal the show as Jeremy Spencer turned in a few noteworthy performances of his own. His slide guitar fueled the free-flowing rhythm of My Baby Sweet, and he pounded out piano chords and sang furiously to turn Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls of Fire into a raging inferno.

Shrine '69 is nearly perfect in every aspect. Simply put, Shrine '69 is simply too good to pass up.....................

Technical Notes (from human memory): Recorded January 25th 1969, from Tychobrae house sound system using a modified Fairchild mixing console with one out to an Ampex 2-track recorder. Recorded mono, 2 track, 7-1/2 IPS on Scotch 201 tape. Front of house components were JBL speakers. Tape digitally transferred and mastered; no baking or flaking occurred. Every attempt was made to reproduce the live, natural environment and artistry. We left the natural room and instrument feedback that happens here and there. What would a live show be without feedback?

Sit back, tune up with the players and return to the sixties! You are there. Peace and Love, brothers and sisters. Four hundred miles south of Haight Ashbury, near downtown L.A, on a Southern California winter night. Eagerly, you enter the Shrine Exposition Hall, a large cavernous, dimly lighted hall, more geared to trade shows than musical concerts. Zappa and the Mac are playing tonight. Amen! In the center, at one end of the hall, is a small elevated platform the stage. Crowded beads, long hair, flowers, beards, swaying bodies. Low hums and murmurs of anticipation hang in the air. Incense and herbal smells waft about you as your party drifts toward the stage, where four young lads are busily tuning their axes while the roadies check the gear. Check One, Two, now excitement roils the crowd. You gaze up. Is this a dream? There that are. The musicians turn around and move toward you. Suddenly the P.A. booms, One of England's finest blues bands, Fleetwood Mac. Thank you says Peter Green. Let it Begin! Dinky Dawson October 1998..................

Fleetwood Mac
* Peter Green - Guitar, Vocals
* Jeremy Spencer - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
* Danny Kirwan - Guitar, Vocals
* John McVie - Bass
* Mick Fleetwood - Drums, Percussion

1 Tune Up 2:10
2 If You'll Be My Baby 4:28
3 Something Inside Of Me 4:03
4 My Sweet Baby 4:26
5 Albatross 3:26
6 Before The Beginning 3:05
7 Rollin' Man 5:33
8 Lemon Squeezer 5:29
9 Need Your Love So Bad 6:59
10 Great Balls Of Fire 2:59 

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