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6 Jun 2017

Fongus “Guadalajara Rock"1979 Mexico Private Psych Hard Rock

Fongus “Guadalajara Rock"1979 Mexico Private Psych Hard Rock

Mini-lp style cd reissue of rare Mexican 70s hard rock with fuzzed out guitar from 1978. These guys later morphed into a metal band in the 80s……..

Crazy stoned Mexican hard fuzzed out psych/garage LP.Very obscure,primitive production with some heavy metal influences but yet much freaked out to be considered metal.Reminds me a bit of Terry Brooks Strange ,Raw Power LP……

Fongus began in 1979, as a project formed by the brothers Jorge and Pablo López beginning as many others, playing in private parties, afternoon and schools. Musically matured, it attracts to its repertoire a fusion of different musical currents, styles and rhythms that went from the blues, R & B, classic rock and of course, heavy metal During this tireless search of its own musical identity, undergo the departure of Pablo, one of The founders and drummer of the band, leaving Jorge López as the main motivator of that dream. After this hard test, Fongus recruits Pedro Zavala from the group R.I.P., being considered one of the best drummers in the musical scene rockera tapatía. From this moment, the group begins to connect widely in his native city; For their constancy, dedication and dedication to the musical work. Many still remember how in their beginnings, they themselves carried their own system of lights and their costumes; Always trying to present their best, regardless of location, giving their audience their best show. The official lineup for several years was: Jorge "Fongus” López (bass and first voice), Pedro Zavala (second voice, drums and percussion), Francisco Ruiz (guitar) and Humberto Camacho (second guitar and choirs)…………………………

A1 Tripeando 3:08
A2 Trebol 3:00
A3 Tarde Lluviosa 3:13
A4 Love Me 2:58
A5 La Rayna Del Rock & Roll 2:58
B1 My Song 2:55
B2 Revolucionario 3:28
B3 Ho Mama (No Puedo Quitarte De Mi Mente) 2:46
B4 Bailendo En…. 3:04
B5 Rufus 3:04 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..