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22 Jun 2017

Gallery "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" 1972 UK Private Folk

Gallery "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" 1972 UK mega rare Private Folk


For those of you out there that love the great sounds of the 70s British folk underground scene, Guerssen, the Spanish label, are reissuing one of the rarest albums from that period on vinyl for the first time:

Originally released on Midas Recordings in 1972 The Wind That Shakes the Barley (now fetching around £1000) featured the wonderful vocals of Barbara and Royce Seabourne. Gallery’s slightly medieval sound inevitably leads to The Wicker Man references although the film which has taken credit for many 70’s underground Folk music releases wasn’t released until 1973. The best sound comparisons appear to lie at the door Mike and Mandy Morton of Spriguns Of Tolgus who formed in the same year of this release................

Gallery's sole album is similar enough to enough British folk albums from the 1970s (and onward) that it's hard to say much about it that would distinguish it from the rest of the crowd. That's not a heavy criticism, though; it's decent British folk, sensitively sung and played, with dulcimer, mandolin, violin, and electric bass in addition to the expected acoustic guitar. There's also a nice mix of male and female lead and harmony vocals, particularly on the male-female harmonized duet of the sad "Queen of Hearts," the record's best track. Barbara Seaborne takes a good lead vocal on "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme," though some other artists (such as Pentangle) have done more notable interpretations of this famed tune. While there are more songs with a plaintive folk lilt than there are of any other type, it's broken up by an a cappella vocal number, a violin-dominated instrumental, and a more reel-like instrumental. The CD reissue on Kissing Spell adds a 20-minute bonus track of excerpts from 1969 rehearsals that are too lo-fi and jarringly edited together to give pleasure, though as it's placed at the end of the disc, it's easily ignored if you Richie Unterberger .............

Very rare UK style folk rock, and another privately pressed folk rariety from the mid seventies.( now fetching Ј400.00 on the collectors market) With fine guitar and mandolin work from Steve Morrison this is classic UK '70's hippy folk with a traditional edge. Also includes extra unreleased material from an informal rehearsal in 1969 by the band. Freak Emporium.......................

"It is a beautiful record, released on MIDAS label in 1972. In my research I've found only one of the personnel names, the female voice, Barbara Seabourne. The record title is "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" (Kissing Spell KSCD9503-f) and some of you could instantly remember the Dead Can Dance late version of this beautiful traditional here included. On the KS version there is also a 20 minute bonus track that was recorded in 1969 (so the record notes).
Seems that this MIDAS label pressed also a record from a band named "Folkal Point" and two solo records from a certain Janet Jones.
The Gallery sound is not "acid" folk, but more traditional stuff, well clever done."
"The Gallery album is superb IMO. The label was set up by Alan Green who was also behind the Folk Heritage / Westwood labels. Gallery is phenomenally rare as an original LP (About £1000). Equally as rare is Folkal Point (Even the band only have one copy between them!!) Janet Jones did 2 for the label and both are more common, but excellent" Ian from Ammonite Records........................

Dulcimer – Barbara Seabourne
Fiddle – Mark Uttley
Guitar – Alan Morrison, Barbara Seabourne
Mandolin – Mark Uttley
Vocals – Barbara Seabourne, Royce Seabourne

A1 Seven Gypsies
A2 False Bridge
A3 Queen Of Hearts
A4 Gilderoy/Staten Island Harvest Home
A5 Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
A6 Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
B1 The Wind That Shakes The Barley
B2 Broomfield Wager
B3 Chaconne
B4 The Baron Of Brackley
B5 Icy Acres

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