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30 Jun 2017

Genesis "Genesis" 1972 Uruguay Latin Psych Rock monster

Genesis "Genesis" 1972 ultra rare Uruguay Latin Psych Rock monster


A psych Masterpiece from Uruguay with 8 bonus tracks. The album originally from 1972 and bonus tracks 1970 / 71 / 75 / 76. Genesis played a psychedelic hard-rock, along with many guitars combinations ballads sang in Spanish. Since their first LP, their started to fusion their style with the Uruguayan 'Condome', which originated a Latin rock, Santana's fashion, with little touch of folklore.......

Technically, this group from Uruguay is called Génesis, but it still means the same thing, but on the album cover it simply printed as Genesis (without the accent marks). Were these guys unaware that an English group had used the same name (but without the accent mark)? Probably, after all the British band was still yet to make a name for themselves (Nursery Cryme sold best in Italy, but after Foxtrot, England, and then the rest of the world would follow). But I know the English Genesis was known in Uruguay as you can get a copy of Selling England by the Pound under the Spanish title Vendendio Inglaterra por una Libra (with the song titles in Spanish) as a Uruguayan print.

This Génesis only managed one album in 1972 on the Sondor label (as well as a handful of singles previous), and you know right away it's not the Genesis we all know. There's a band photo on the cover, a five piece, and nowhere do you see Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel. Instead, the group consisted of guitarist Jorge Silva, vocalist and percussionist Eduardo Patron, guitarist and vocalist Ruben Laborde, bassist Carlos Souza and drummer Yamandu Perez. This is simply some of the finest South American rock you're going to hear, with a great combination of hard rock, psych, prog, Latin, and candombe (African derived music native to Uruguay, which conga-like drums dominate). There's at times I get reminded a bit of Santana, but without the upfront percussion, like on "Lograme", one song, "Tenne Una Vez" has almost Crosby, Still & Nash-like vocal harmonies. "Solo Voy Despertando" sounds like a variant of "Lograme", but includes an extended guitar solo, and some nice jazzy passages. Aside from the ten songs that make up the LP, this CD reissue is packed with all the singles the band released from 1970 to 1976 as bonus cuts, giving you all the recorded material this group had done. I can't believe the amount of great prog, psychedelia and just plain great rock I've been discovering out of Latin American countries. And this is just one of them. Génesis should have been big in Uruguay, as it's full of great catchy songs and melodies, and creative passages, without overly complex or elaborate passages, it's pretty accessible to the more average rock listener, but at the same time has all the great elements to please fans of hard rock and psychedelia, and even the prog rock fan who don't have to all their prog be like Yes or Genesis (the British band, that is). But I hear the 1972 Génesis LP is one of the rarest South American albums, so of course you will need the CD reissue. I was so blown away by this album, it's little wonder why they got so highly praised. Looking for more great Latin American rock? You won't go wrong with Génesis!....By BENJAMIN MILER................

Wonderful Uruguayan band that in spite of its dilated trajectory only records this excellent LP in 1972. The compositions belongs for the most part to Jorge Silva who impresses on them the fabulous sound of his guitar, sometimes clean and in most of the opportunities With fuzz, correctly accompanied by the rhythm of Laborde and the base in which the very good work of drummer of Yamandú is highlighted. The voice of Patrón, who collaborates in several of the compositions has that peculiar timbre that makes it unmistakably Uruguayan. They work an energetic rock and something elaborated with dyes of psicodelia, jazz and of course candombe. The CD edition also has four tracks that appeared in simple pre-LPs, with Hector Mosquera on bass and a wilder sound and four other tracks from 1975 to 1976 with a different lineup in which both Silva and Laborde . They incorporate keyboards and probably more subtlety, but the loss of Patron's voice is a very high price................

Eduardo Patrón: Voz, percusion
Ruben Laborde: Guitarra ritmica, voz
Jorge Silva: Guitarra lider, voz
Carlos Souza: Bajo
Yamandu Perez: Batería, percusion

A1 Cancion De Un Tiempo
A2 Lograme
A3 Manana
A4 Nosotros Hoy
A5 Ya
A6 Solo Voy Despertando
B1 Reflexion 2
B2 Tenia Una Vez
B3 Despiertas
B4 Cuerpo

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