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18 Jun 2017

Gnidrolog "Gnosis" 1999 UK Prog Rock

Gnidrolog  "Gnosis" 1999 UK Prog Rock


Coming back out of extinction after 27 years was a risky business that their fellow catholics countrymen of Gracious had attemptd also, Gnidrplog of hebrew tradition tried and succeded better. Why does an agnostic or confirmed atheist such as me poit this out , you ask ? Well because this album does have a few numbers where the mid-eastern influences come in clearly. The Goldring twins reunited with the original drumer Pelgrum and enlisted ex-Procol member Copping on KB.
Right of the bat comes the best number of the album but not the only highlight. Reach for Tomorrow is a stunning piece of music with arab-like intonations and makes you hope for the rest of the album. Promise only half respected especially if you consider that this album holds no less than 7 insrtumentals. The real surprise ( not necessarily pleasing though ) is that the very hard-sung vocals are totally lost as the singing is of a pleasant note but loses its edge and inventivity. There are some very tedious moments ( Wonder, Crazy , France, City Sleeps and Fall to Ground ), but not really bad either. However Woolunga and Prozac have a didgeridoo and are very interesting. Deventer is a Camel-like instrumental dedicated to the hometown of Dutch band Lady Lake who had taken their nemes from GNi's second album. Kings of Rock and Gnosis are also noteworthy. The thing that I can and will complain about is the drumming is rather boring and sounds to modern for this kind of music.

Well as a GNI fan , I just had to discover this and was ready to make a hunt. Not fully rewarded in the quality dept. , I will only give it three stars but compared to the Gracious album , this is a good one. Oh , by the way two of the tracks were written in 73 one in 86 and the rest in the late 90's . Of course the two older tracks have my preference but not only Sean Trane .........

In 1999 I attented the annual Dutch progrock festival Progfarm and witnessed a performance by the twin-brothers Colin and Stewart Goldring with their band Gnidrolog. I was impressed by their skills and their typical British humor! After their concert I approached them and soon a very vivid conversation started. They told me about the time (around 1970) that Gnidrolog made their albums and frequently did gigs. This often happened in the same venues as early Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, The Nice and Yes. Enthousiasticly Colin and Stewart told us how many times they had seen these bands in their early years and even one time Genesis turned out to be their support-act because Gnidrolog was far more known than Genesis in that time! The twin-brothers were so glad with all the attention and praise they recieved this evening in Holland that they decided to make a new CD, here it is.
It opens with "Reach For Tomorrow", this one has a lot of tension between the Jewish vocals and a wide range of instruments, very original! The other tracks delives a lot of variety: folk with acoustic guitar and flute ("Deventer" a tribute to the Dutch band Lady Lake, named after their debut LP), no-nonsense rock in "Reverend Katz" (fiery guitar), "King of rock" and "Gnosis" (fine howling guitar), lap- steel-guitar in "Fall to ground" and progrock with Australian didgederoo in "Woolunga" and "Bells of Prozac".

This is a fine album for the more adventurous and open-minded progheads, it sounds very pleasant and erik neuteboom ..............

Gnidrolog are one of the more overlooked bands that took part in the progressive rock explosion in Britain around 1971-73. Why the band is nearly forgotten nowadays is a mystery to me. When Mike Prete first played me Lady Lake, my jaw literally dropped. Expecting some banal proto-progressive stuff, I was pleasantly surprised to hear powerful, full-blown progressive rock with an dark, original feel. The best comparisons I can make would be to groups like Van der Graaf Generator, Jethro Tull and Gentle Giant, and Gnidrolog often meets the same level of brilliance as those bands. Of course, it would be mistaken to say that Gnidrolog were simply heavily influenced by these bands, since the group was coexisting and rose to prominence in tandem with those groups. In fact, judging from their gig history, Gnidrolog were fairly integral to the prog scene at the time, playing shows with everyone from Colosseum, Wishbone Ash and Greenslade to Gentle Giant, Soft Machine, King Crimson and even Magma. So why hasn't anyone ever heard of these guys? Why are they forever condemned to obscurity, to be uncovered years later by only the most intrepid of prog archaeologists? Well, maybe the fact that they only released two albums had something to do with it. Besides that, I'll be damned if I can figure it out. Actually, Gnidrolog recently reformed and put out a new studio album, Gnosis, which has gotten some good reviews, although I haven't heard it yet. Still, pick up In Spite of Harry's Toenail or better yet, their opus Lady Lake, and prepare to be bowled over.

Line-up / Musicians
- Colin Goldring / lead & backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, recorders (4,5), harmonica (9)
- Stewart Goldring / electric, slide, lap steel & classical guitars, backing vocals
- Nessa Glen / Hammond, kalimba (4), keyboards, harpsichord, sitar, bowed glass samples (1)
- Rick Kemp / fretted & fretless basses, backing vocals
- Nigel Pegrum / drums, percussion, flutes (6), co-producer

- David Hudson / didjeridoo (4)
- Ash Dargan / didjeridoo (6)
- Chris Copping / Hammond B3 (8,11)
- Chris Lloyds / backing vocals

Releases information

1 Reach For Tomorrow 5:14
2 Reverend Katz 6:02
3 Fall To Ground 4:52
4 Woolunga (“Safe Haven”) 4:22
5 Deventer 4:51
6 Bells Of Prozac 6:27
7 Wonder, Wonder 4:42
8 Kings Of Rock 6:50
9 Gnosis 6:47
10 Crazy, Crazy 4:31
11 Going To France 4:42
12 Two Helens (A Portrait) 3:20
13 The City Sleeps 4:42
14 Repent Harlequin 3:20 

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Cassete Deck