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17 Jun 2017

Group Therapy "37 Minutes of Group Therapy" 1969 US Psych Rock

Group Therapy "37 Minutes of Group Therapy" 1969 US Psych Rock


Singer/songwriter Raymond Louis Kennedy's kind of an interesting rock journeyman. With a professional musical career stretching back to the early 1969s, his catalog includes recording a pair of rock albums with the band Group Therapy (1968's "People Get Ready for Group Therapy" and 1969's "37 Minutes of Group Therapy"). In 1970 Kennedy struck out in pursuit of a solo career. 
Signed by London's Cream subsidiary, 1970's cleverly titled " Raymond Louis Kennedy" teamed him with producer Dallas Smith and an impressive cast of sidemen including guitarist Harvey Mandel, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheel's guitarist Jim McCarthy, Moby Grape bassist Bob Mosley, and Love drummer George Suranovich. Showcasing a set of all-original material, Kennedy had an okay blue-eyed soul voice, Interestingly, if you look at his website you'll see comparisons to Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty. An admirable goal, but the CCR/Fogerty comparisons were lost to my ears. Instead, I'd offer up that he sounded a bit like a male version of Janis Joplin. Know how Joplin always sounded shrill and irritating when she tried to sound authentically bluesy and tough ? Well Kennedy exhibited the same tendencies throughout this collection. Shame, since I suspect if Kennedy had toned it down a bit the results would have been far more impressive. Instead what you got was a set heavy on Delaney and Bonnie-styled blue-eyed soul, with occasional touches of Tony Joe White swamp rock thrown in. The thing was that nothing here came remotely close to those other acts. In fact, the one really interesting performance was a totally unexpected slice of Zeppelin-styled blues-rock - 'Miss Goody Two Shoes'....Bad Cat.............

- Louis Raymond Kennedy -- vocals, guitar 

supporting musicians: 
- Max Bennett -- bass 
- David Cohen - lead guitar 
- Bill Cuomo -- keyboards 
- Duane Hitchings -- keyboards 
- Paul Humphries -- drums 
- Art Del Judico -- lead guitar 
- Harvey madel -- lead guitar 
- Jim McCarthy -- lead guitar 
- Bob Mosley -- bass 
- Johnny Raines -- drums 
- George Suranovich -- drums 
- Bob West -- bass

A1 Remember What You Said 3:05 
A2 Wait 6:07 
A3 River Deep, Mountain High 4:43 
A4 A Very Happy Day 3:21 
A5 I Got To Live 2:40 
B1 Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby 2:59 
B2 I Must Go 4:00 
B3 Cheer Up Baby 2:09 
B4 Willie 2:57 
B5 I Can't Believe It 3:48

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