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17 Jun 2017

Hairband (Alex Harvey) "Band on the Wagon" 1969 UK Psych Blues Rock

Hairband (Alex Harvey) "Band on the Wagon" 1969 UK Psych Blues Rock


U.K. Psych Blues album featuring Alex Harvey, Mickey Keene, Laurie Baker, Peter Woolf etc. This album was recorded when Alex was in the rock musical ‘HAIR‘ and the band that played all the music was deemed good enough to record for this album. Harvey wrote many of the songs and plays guitar and sings. Produced by former Animals keyboardist Alan Price.
Great heavy psych prog beast that would be as big and as valuable as other similar monsters like Open Mind and Motherlight if it weren’t for the presence of horns on some tracks. Personally, I don’t mind a little sax here and there, especially in public places.
Anyway, there are some really killer tracks on here, like “Golden Egg“, which starts off in a cool loungey funk mode before switching gears to a KILLER late 60′s go-go dancefloor theme with dramatic orchestral stabs and some sexy, jazzy sax solos.
“Electric Blues” isn’t really blues at all, but more of an upbeat rural-flavored psych rock track with some trippy backwards guitar. It gets more upbeat and picks up tempo as it goes along, culminating in a psychedelic maelstrom of wild guitar solos courtesy of Mr. Alex Harvey himself. ................

The band were formed by members of the band who played the music for the musical “Hair“ every night, but don‘t let that put you off! The music is Psych rock with horns and large pinch of Jazz Rock on the side...............

After the departure of Scottish singer Alex Harvey (Alex Harvey) in 1965 from the group he created "Alex Harvey and His Soul Band" he continued his musical career as a folk artist. However, his independent voyage in the folkloric waters was not very long, and the recorded vinyl "sorokapyatka", ran into, ultimately, the reefs and flowed below the waterline, with all the ensuing consequences. After that, Alex returned to the place with his traditional rhythm and blues and rock and roll, recording several singles with similar commercial results. In 1967, his musical career cracked at all seams. Trudy's wife was expecting the first child, so the family was desperate for the finances that Alex had to earn in rustic restaurants, singing on the demand of the audience fashionable hits and time-tested standards. He was close to despair and wanted to say goodbye to the profession of a musician forever. However, in this difficult period for him, a good friend of his advised him to attend a concert of Jimi Hendrix. Acquaintance with the music of the American guitarist returned the desperate Alex to life, and he again began to flounder desperately in the world of music. In 1968, Alex Harvey joined the London troupe of the Broadway psychedelic musical "Hair" (Hair), with which he worked for four years. From the musicians of the accompaniment of this performance, he created the band "Hairband", also known as "Hair Band" and "Electric Hair Band". With it, he recorded the long-playing LPs "Hair" Rave-Up - Live From The Shaftsbury Theater, London "(1969) (Zdes)," Band On The Wagon "(1969) (produced by a former member of the legendary band" The Animals " Alan Price) and a solo album "Roman Wall Blues" (1969). In 1972, after recording another solo album "The Joker is Wild" (1972), Alex Harvey created the quintet "The Sensational Alex Harvey Band", but this is a topic for another story...........................

Derek Wadsworth - Musical Director, Trombone, Piano
Alex Harvey - Vocals, Guitar
Mickey Keene - Lead Guitar
Laurie Baker - Bass
Peter Woolf - Drums
Frank Ricotti - Vibraphone, Alt-Saxophone, Percussion, Arrangements
Bud Parkes - Trumpet
Derek Andrews - Trumpet
Ashton Tootell - Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Maurice Cockerill - Piano, Vocals, Arrangements
Richard J. Studt - Violin (Track 2, 6)
Barry Wilde - Violin (Track 2, 6)
Paul Buckmaster - Cello (Track 2, 6)

A1 Sacrifice 3:58
A2 I'm Living 2:22
A3 The Yellow Bay Tree 2:32
A4 Swan Song 3:39
A5 Big Louis 4:56
B1 Band On The Wagon 3:43
B2 Travelling Song 2:57
B3 No Offence Eddie 3:12
B4 The Golden Bug 5:03
B5 Electric Blues 2:56
B6 How Deep Is The Ocean 1:35

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..