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19 Jun 2017

Heavy Balloon "32,000 Pound" 1969 US Hard Psych Blues Rock

Heavy Balloon "32,000 Pound" 1969 US Hard Psych Blues Rock


Weird psychedelic rock from late 60's. Freaked and crazy, performed with electric / acoustic guitars, violin, percussion etc. A little bit in the vein of Zappa and Captain Beefheart. Heavy Balloon was not really a band in itself, but a gathering of musicians. They recorded a sole album in a New York studio. 
Album of the American team, which has long been forgotten, but not weak sang a mixture of psychedelia, hard rock, folk and heavy blues. Despite its regional status (boys based on the West Coast and there won the hearts of fans) team consisted of some pretty famous artists. Among them Notkoff Bobby, who played in different years, The Rockets, Electric Flag, and also recorded with Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and Chris Osborne, speaking in a group of Yoko Ono, as well as with the type of cult like David Peel. But the record is so rare that not even mentioned in their official biographies, the more that the project was very short-lived. However, the creativity of this band is difficult to refuse. Very rich music, solid guitar, interesting experiments with sound and peculiar sense of humor on the verge of Glum, which fully as manifested in the fact that they did to the poor "Sgt Pepper" from the repertoire of the Beatles - composition "Owed To Sgt. Pepper". Noteworthy another track named "Lead Zeppalin", not only the name of a warped, but the fact that it is one of the strongest things on the disk. By the way, here there is a good cover for written in 1966 (I think), the "I Don't Need No Doctor", Ray Charles. Rarity, rare music. I recommend to download for collection! Many thanks to adamus67 for the information.........

Band formed by 20 musicians. Kind of a an amalgam of psychedelia, blues, rock and a healthy dose of lothar and the hand people/zappa like dementia. Among the musicians included were Bobby Notkoff (also in Rockets and Crazy Horse) and Chris Osborne (who played with David Peel and Yoko Ono).........

Heavy Balloon was a studio project and not an actual band. They recorded just this one LP which includes both original material and cover versions. The band sounds pretty nice I think and while the songwriting isn't anything exceptional they do a solid job with these covers. But their own material is still good as well. 

This is a pretty rare album and also a quite forgotten one. But in case the late 60's American psychedelia is your thing you should give a try to this interesting record as well. The album is a pretty entertaining mix of psychedelia, hard rock, garage rock and blues ............

Heavy Balloon make it easy to like them, 'Barnyard Blues', their whacky distorted fiddle driven romp has that precise blend of Zappa humour as they honour their own idiosyncrasies with musical chops begotten of endless hours sweating in suburban garages. "Hey dude, pass me some weed" production floats this criminally underrated debut along on sober afternoon angst, Yardbirds workouts like 'On My Way Down' full of jerky twitchy bass easily recognised as trigger to some phallic guitar shape throwing everyone privately fetishises about while publicly denying all knowledge of such face to face with bedroom mirrors indulgence. Without even listening to it, 'T.C. Topcat Blues' is an epic win, who the fuck comes up with song titles like that? Bless their hearts, what a lovable bunch they are, 'Owed to Sgt. Pepper' a totally adorable musical rant that could have only been written and performed by little creatures who run around empty city streets at night with their underwear worn on their heads screaming good natured profanities in languages that won't exist for another trillion ............

Really twisted psychedelic blues album by this band whose members were, almost certainlly, in different stages of chemically-induced brain damage! What you have here are wild, sloppy originals and covers, with really tripped-out editing, sound effects, tapes, and whacky tidbits thrown in. This kind of has the same twisted vibe that the early Mothers of Invention albums had, but maybe a little darker. Okay, maybe add a dash of early Captian Beefheart in there too (and someone else here mentioned Lothar and the Hand People). So, you get the picture. Also, these guys weren't just freaks, they could actually play too. Not the best of the era, but I still recommend this one to the adventurous listener, and advise fans of polished commericial 60's pop to stay ............

"American Combo" with 20 musicians coming from the west coast, Heavy Ballon mixes hard rock, folk, acid rock-blues and psychedelia in its nine tracks of this album. The lineup includes Bobby Notkoff (violinist) who played with Rockets and Crazy Horse and Chris Osborne (David Peel and Yoko Ono). 
The two covers "Barnyard Blues" (13Th Floor Elevators) and "I Do not Need No Doctor" (Ray Charles) are very interesting. 
"Owed To Sgt. Pepper" parody of Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," has collages of various musical strings and various sound effects that left it at least curious and controversial. 
And be careful not to confuse the name of the track "6. Lead Zeppalin" with "Led Zeppelin" ... Alias ​​this is one of the great tracks of the disc with his guitar saturated. Pay attention to the fine voice with an altered rotation that repeats the refrain "Lead Zeppalin" and then merges with the fuzzyguitar. 
Even with the release of the CD in 2006, the version of this album on vinyl is still very much on the record market. "......................

* Fred Adams 
* Jenny Dean 
* Mallory Earle 
* Kirby Helmuth 
* Wolf James 
* Michael Jason 
* Ned Liben 
* Lori 
* Mighty Baby 
* Terry Noel 
* Bobby Nothoff 
* Christian Osborne 
* Peter The Piano Player 
* T. N. Pickoske 
* Mike Ratti 
* Bob Rizzo 
* Senorita Rosetts 
* Skydragon 
* T. O. Tupcat 
* David Tyles

A1 Barnyard Blues 5:49 
A2 On My Way Down 4:39 
A3 My Very Own Sweetheart 4:03 
A4 T. C. Topcat Blues 2:46 
A5 Sixteen Tons 5:38 
B1 Lead Zeppalin 2:31 
B2 I Don't Need No Doctor 5:03 
B3 Owed To Sgt. Pepper 2:47 
B4 Action 7:04

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