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12 Jun 2017

Hookfoot "Live In Memphis, USA"1990 (Recorded in 1972) UK Hard Blues Rock

Hookfoot  "Live In Memphis, USA"1990 (Recorded in 1972) UK Hard Blues Rock


Recorded live at the Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee, August 1972 for radio broadcast. Made in Germany on disc. (p)1972, (c)1990.

Extremely good live album containing fantastic long blues psych jams. There is tight interplay and understanding between all members of the band that create a fantastic music experience.
I feel they are harder edged and more contemporary than the stones and there are some similarities with late humble pie who I understand they used to back on stage.
Hookfoot are very much under estimated and I believe this live album gives a good indication of how good they were live.
Comments made by the previous reviewer regarding weak vocals are a little unfair in that it is difficult to compare a vocalist with another. In any event most tracks on this are instrumental and the studio albums would suggest ............

Hookfoot were many a critic's fave rave around 1971-1972. Fronted by top sessioneer Caleb Quaye, this British twin guitars four piece played support to both Jefferson Airplane and Elton John on lengthy tours in USA.

This live set, recorded in a studio for a broadcast, contains a whole lot of good jamming. They were all very skilled musicians, but vocals were weak. Keith Richards of the Stones sings better than the guys in Hookfoot. With some good songs, and a decent lead singer, able to inject some personality, Hookfoot could have become famous instead of becoming forgotten. ........... "official" releases, I mean releases from the "BIG" companies, so out of touch with their customers. Thank God for small independent labels. If you're a HOOKFOOT fan, this is a "no-brainer", for those of you scratching your heads, HOOKFOOT was a group of then current/past ELTON JOHN musicians, Caleb Quaye (guitar), Roger Pope ( drums), Fred Gandy (Bass) and Ian Duck (Vocals, harmonica), who played driving, funky, rock 'n soul, with an occasional side of blues. This album was recorded live at the legendary Ardent Studio in Memphis for a long-forgotten radio program. The concert is excellent, and the sound is wonderful. .......By John H. McCarthy.......

Does anyone remember how good this group was besides me? This is the fourth release (after Hookfoot, Good Times A Comin, Communication, and Roaring),that I can find from one of the most underated groups from England in the early 70's;Hookfoot. Eight live tracks(5 from the various studio releases) that show what a great band these guys were! A talented guitar band led by Caleb Quaye, and Ian Duck, this four piece band with Roger Pope and Dave Glover/Freddy Gandy could play it all; loud and funky rock n'roll,electric or acoustic blues, combined with great lyrics and superb musicianship. If you can find this disc check it out, because this may be the only Hookfoot music you'll be able to listen to on CD anytime soon. It's a decent recording(considering the time it was made),and shows a "live" sound most fans like me never got to hear. See if you agree with me, that these guys played great music that sounded like nothing else from England that was being played in 1972- it'll make you feel young again!!................

Hookfoot was a quintet formed at the end of the '60s as a recording unit by a half-dozen session players associated with Dick James' publishing and later with his DJM Records label. They never made much of an impression on the charts, despite their work being licensed to A&M Records, through which they released four LPs in the U.S.A. Ian Duck (vocals, harmonica), Dave Glover (bass), Roger Pope (drums, vocals), and Caleb Quaye (guitar, vocals) were the original lineup, with Bob Kulick (guitar, vocals) coming in alongside Quaye, and Fred Gandy joining on bass later. ~ Bruce Eder....................

Caleb Quaye : Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Duck : Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Fred Gandy : Bass
Roger Pope : Drums, Vocals

1 Taxman
2 If I Had The Words
3 They'll Never Find Us Up There
4 Here I Come
5 Cuckoo
6 Cruisin'
7 Nature Changes
8 Freedom

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