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7 Jun 2017

I.D.Company “I.D.Company” 1969 Germany Psych Avant Garde

I.D.Company “I.D.Company” 1969 Germany Psych Avant Garde

It’s full of Eastern sounding Folk Rock, sitars and psych sounds (On the Inga tracks). Electronics, Sitars, Eastern Rock Inga Rumpf and Dagmar Krasuse all mixed together to produce an experimental album. And it has the Avant Garde emergence for Dagmar on the flip. ……………
Very interesting education around Inga Rumpf (this is I.) and Dagmar Krause (this is D.). The ladies divided the disk among themselves, on the side for each, and these sides turned out very different, but both are interesting. Inga presented the tracks of a meditative kraut sample with serious touches to oriental rhythms (which is most noticeable in the first thing - Bhagavad Gita, but in others it also suffices). 
Dagmar also presented the material in a completely different style: the second side of the disc is the German psycho-avant-garde, where spontaneous saxophone screams are superimposed on the serene flutter of the flute, Dagmar’s own sighs and whisperings, jazz rhythmic constructions of the drum set, bass drum, various gurgling, grunting and mumbling. In general, very cool…………

Frank St. Peter: sax, flute 
Hans Hartmann: Sitar, Kontrabass 
Joe Nay: percussion 
Wolfgang Kliegel: violin 
Inga Rumpf: vocal 
Dagmar Krause: vocal

01 Bhagavad Seite 
02 Bum-Bum 
03 I Watched The Woman 
04 He’s Out Now 
05 Dunne, Glaserne Frauen 
06 Schneeweive Hande 
07 Schwarzes Insekt 

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