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8 Jun 2017

Los Destellos "Constelación" 1971 Peru Psych Rock,Cumbia,Latin Funk

Los Destellos  "Constelación" 1971 ultra rare Peru Psych Rock,Cumbia,Latin Funk..recommended..!

Reissue of this ultra-rare 1971 album from Peruvian cumbia band, known as "chicha" music to it's Amazonian people. A truly unique hybrid of cumbia, music, surf, rock, funk, psychedelia and traditional highlands music, led by skilled electric guitar guru Enrique Delgad ...............

Secret Stash has announced a reissue of Los Destellos ultra rare masterpiece “Constelacion” (1971), in a limited 100 copies of Midnight Purple and Star splatter...............

Los Destellos are a band of musicians from Peru. They combined the sounds of surf rock, psychedelic music with cumbia to be part of a unique sound characterizing a Peruvian cumbia strain which came to be known as chicha because of its association with working class listeners who enjoy a native brew of the same name. Their LP Constelación was originally released in Peru in 1971 and captures the blend of the seemingly incongruous instrumentation and styles at their height. Now Minneapolis based Secret Stash Records is re-issuing the album and introducing it to whole new audiences. The LP is available in vinyl which comes with an MP3 download card.

The eleven track LP is a mixture of songs and instrumentals with the signature sound of electric guitar as the lead. Backed by cumbia rhythms and percussion, the guitar of band leader Enrique Delgado brings in the psychedelic and surf rock melodies that transform what would be imitations of Colombian cumbia into an altogether unique Peruvian sound. In addition to the California surf and psychedelia, Peruvian criollo also can be heard to round out the sound.

The title track and "Onsta La Yerbita" stand out as then best of the LP though the other tracks don't fall far behind. "Constelación" is an instrumental with a combination of cumbia two step and surf rock guitar that grabs you from the first bar on. "Onsta La Yerbita" is more a psyched out funk jam with a bit of Latin percussion and stoner friendly vocals. It is quite an impressive track. Other particularly notable tracks are the more dance floor focused "Otro Año" and "La Arañita."..................

Enrique Delgado began learning guitar from his mother at age 5 in the slums outside Lima. By 13, he joined his first touring group. Growing tired of his son's continual absence and questionable lifestyle, Delgado's father eventually kicked him out. For his remaining teen years, he stayed with friends when he wasn't cutting his teeth on the road in mariachi backing bands. In 1955, Delgado struck out on his own with his folk group, Los Palomillas, but he didn't break new ground until he switched to the electric guitar with Orquestra Fantasia in 1962. Delgado found himself at the forefront of Lima's Nueva Ola (New Wave). Beat bands inspired by Anglo pop were a phenomenon the world over, and Peru was no exception, producing a rich variety of garage, pop, and rock records in the 60s and 70s. In 1966, Enrique Delgado started a new group, Los Destellos, imposing South American folk stylings on his Beat bandmates.
Los Destellos incorporated lilting Andean slum melodies into rock 'n' roll music for their self-titled debut, but the addition of a timbalero is what made them a true innovation. Timbales were used to keep time in many South American musical styles, but Enrique Delgado used them to incorporate cumbia into the standard Beat ensemble, making him the fathering pioneer of cumbia Peruana. He would expound on this idea in the years that followed by taking an ever larger ensemble of folk players in a more psychedelic direction. In this way, Los Destellos also anticipated Chicha, their seventh LP Constelación being a proto-standard of the genre. In 1975, Delgado's sister, Edith, also joined the band, which by that point had grown to include a sprawling number of musicians and a sizable hype crew. Enrique continued leading the group until his untimely death in 1996 from medical malpractice. Edith continues touring today with the current incarnation of Los Destellos. ...............

Like many I heard Los Destellos.  in a family reunion, at those times when everything becomes deep and only memories, nostalgias matter. That way I came to hear "La ardillita", "Linda chiquilina".

Especially I remember "Elsa" that I soon recognized not as a simple song but as a hymn of love in the voice of Felix Martinez. Who has not chanted, seasoned, the famous "Elsa, Elsa, I swear that I love you, that without you I would die."

Years later, with the time granted by leisure and always browsing between unknown or unfrequented artistic routes, I discovered something different in this group. Same three in a row I listened to three LPs that left me more than surprised addicted: "Los Destellos. " (1968), "Orbit" (1969) and "Constellation" (1971).

The guitar of Enrique Delgado (1939-1996) achieved effects that, sincerely, had nothing to envy to the psychedelic European rock. "Onsta la yerbita" is the best example of this, the best trip to start you in Los Destellos. 
There was a detail that seemed to stand out and mark the stamp of Los Destellos: without leaving the experimentation (with foreign influences, evident in the chords), a tonality with local flavor was perceived as shown by "Guajira psicodélica", one of the jewels Of the first LP.
Already with "Frenética guajira" the composition can only be defined as "burned", the guitar shrieks again with a tropical rhythm. In this respect the whole album "Orbit" (1969) exemplifies what we have been saying. To stack with Los Destellos there is no better than this.

With Los Destellos we speak of a cumbia psicódelica that represent the mixture of the own and the foreign, without imitations, achieving a sound of its own that is fully savored in "Constellation".
Personally "Oriental Passion" stands out better than another song the originality of Los Destellos by their changes of pace, the punteos. The fusion is an incomparable acoustic explosion, pure trance...................

For old-school music lovers, nothing compares to the joy of opening an LP fresh from the factory and brandishing the brand-new vinyl on the turntable. Thinking of the purists who still have an old LP playing team under their belt, the American company Secret Stash has released a vinyl reissue of a classic record of tropical South American music. Los Destellos was one of the important groups of the Peruvian cumbia, and Constelación, of 1971, is its most adventurous disc. The guitar has an absolute role in this rich fusion that oscillates between psychedelia, rock and traditional tropical formats. They highlight the cumbia A Patricia and the calypso of the Song of Lily. The vinyl includes a card that allows to download the complete disc in the computer. So that music flourishes in both outdated and modern formats.....................

Los Destellos are probably the best-known purveyors of chicha, the psychedelic cumbia that is Peru’s great contribution to 60’s and 70’s music.
The band was started in 1966 by guitarist Enrique Delgado, who wanted to introduce folkloric elements into Peruvian rock. Delgado’s twangy guitar is Los Destellos’ most noticeable element, but his great innovation was to add a timbale player to a standard rock combo, leading to a fusion of cumbia and other Latin dance rhythms with popular Anglo-American styles (surf-rock, psych-rock, garage-rock, even country & western). With interest in chicha booming, it’s an opportune time to reissue Los Destellos’ seventh album, originally released in 1971 and considered a classic of the genre by the cognoscenti. You can hear many of the key elements of the style right here -- the psychedelic freakouts (track 5), the Cuban elements (9), and the sophisticated, jazzy guitar soloing (4). Or try track 6, which neatly encompasses just about all of chicha in 4:16 of pleasure. .............

Banjo – Humberto Caycho
Guitar – Fernando Quiroz
Timbales – Cesar Arias
Vocals – Oswaldo Ortega, Willy Sevillano

A1 A Patricia 3:12
A2 Señorita 2:59
A3 El Corneta 2:58
A4 Constelación 3:26
A5 Onsta La Yerbita 6:20
B1 Pasión Oriental 4:16
B2 Otro Otoño 2:35
B3 La Canción De Lily 2:45
B4 Pachanga Española 3:22
B5 Azuquita 3:00
B6 La Arañita 2:50

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