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4 Jun 2017

Luiza Maria "Eu Queria Ser Um Anjo" 1975 Brazil Psych Hippie Blues Rock

Luiza Maria  "Eu Queria Ser Um Anjo" 1975   excellent Brazil Psych Hippie Blues Rock
Even if he insists on not knowing this, Brazil had his Carole King, even entitled to the beauty of the American singer-songwriter. The girl attends the name of Luiza Maria and recorded a rare and classic disc in 1975 by Philips, accompanied by musicians such as former Traffic Jim Capaldi and the newcomers Lulu Santos, Rick Ferreira and Antônio Adolfo. The repertoire, modern and with fresh pop, included an unpublished song of Raul Seixas.

With a career as promising as meteoric, Luiza Maria entered the history of national rock with the album Eu Queria Ser Um Anjo. In ten songs, most of her work, she shows her refined attributes of composer, parading rocks, blues and Zeppelian climates, producing a result without similar at the time. With her voice a little hoarse - but hot and in tune - and moving between Rita Lee's rock and Gal Costa's MPB, she's fighting for space between the best singers of her generation.

Very current in all aspects, the album opens with the folk-rock "Na Casca do Ovo", signaling the joyful and moving tone of the work. "You need to understand that your charm was already / And if you close the door / I enter through the window / I'll show you the verse I made / I'll teach you the rock again / And with a kiss given well / I break the shell of Egg ... ", he sings. "Maya", only her, with arrangements of Capaldi, brings the guitar of Lulu Santos, with Vímana, in one of the most inspired moments of his career. "So Hot" highlights, besides the jazzy vocal interpretation, the piano "homemade" by Antônio Adolfo. And the engaging funk-Latin "Miro Giro" pays tribute to Santana.

"Príncipe Valente" marks the partnership Raul Seixas-Paulo Coelho on the album. "Do not Run Behind the Sun," with a bouncing piano by Mu (The Color of Sound) and Rick's fuzz-guitar, has the classic rocky feel of the 70's. But it's in "Universe and Fantasy" with a " Stairway To Heaven, "which rock 'n' roll makes its mark deeper.

After 39 years, I Wanted To Be An Angel remains modern, owing nothing to the best records recorded in its time and hoping that its beauty will arouse the sensitivity of new listeners.....

In 1975, he recorded the LP "I wanted to be an angel" (Philips), produced by Sérgio de Carvalho. The album was attended by Jim Capaldi, Lulu Santos, Rick Ferreira, Antonio Adolfo, Chico Batera, Arnaldo Brandão, Gustavo Schroeter, Dadi Carvalho and Mú Carvalho, among other musicians, who worked under Sérgio Carvalho's musical production and musical coordination of Rick Ferreira. The repertoire includes his compositions "In the shell of the egg" (c / Paulo Coelho and Rick Ferreira), "Maya", "So hot" (Luiza Maria), "Do not run after the sun", "O anjo" "" I am you "(c / Rick Ferreira, Eveline and Márcio Werneck) and" Universe and fantasy ", besides" The brave prince "(Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho) and" Bottom of the pit "(Rick Ferreira And Márcio Werneck).

Even in the 1970s, (1977) and Ivan Lins (1978), in São Paulo, and the recording of two tracks of the LP "Chão de chalk" (1976).

In the 1980s, she performed in solo shows at the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvin (1986), Mistura Fina (1989) and Morro da Urca (1989) in Rio de Janeiro.

She participated as a singer and songwriter in the soundtrack to the novel "Elas por ela" (Rede Globo), in 1982, with "Música e letra" (Sérgio Natureza), the soundtrack for the film "Fulaninha" (1985) By David Neves, with "Linda Star" (with Sérgio Natureza), and the soundtrack of the "Contos de verano" mini-series (Rede Globo) in 1993 with "Água e choro" (with Sérgio Natureza).

In 1993, he released the CD "Tarântula" (Leblon Records), containing his compositions "Tubarão", "Song erect", "Vampiragem" (c / Tavinho Paes), "Cica", "Water and Cry" (with Sérgio Natureza), "Madrepérola" (with Sérgio Natureza), "Can not Buy Me Love" (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) and "Noir Rosa". The disc had arrangements signed by Marcio Montarroyos and Raymundo Nicioli, as well as the singer herself, also responsible for the production.

Also in the 1990s, People (1994), Rio Jazz Club (1994), Estação Laranjeiras (1995) and Jazzmania (1995) were presented in Rio de Janeiro.................

A1 Na Casca Do Ovo
A2 Maya
A3 Tão Quente
A4 O Principe Valente
A5 No Fundo Do Poço
B1 Não Corra Atrás Do Sol
B2 O Anjo
B3 Miro Giro
B4 Eu Sou Você
B5 Universo E Fantasia

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