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25 Jun 2017

Malc Sayer “One For The Road” 1975 UK Private Psych Folk Rock

Malc Sayer “One For The Road” 1975 very rare  UK Private Psych Folk Rock Deroy 1183 Label


ld records that still are TRULY UNKNOWN seldom comes along. But this is one of those. I have been unable to find any information whatsoever about this british LP from Carnforth, Lancashire.

It was recorded during 1972-1975 and sounds like a mix between "folk psych", folk, country folk and prog. Listen to sections from 7 of the tunes on the LP in the soundclip below. This is a superb LP and the tune "Wild Cat" which is first in the soundclip below is a real lost gem and it has got dancefloor potential as well!

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..