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18 Jun 2017

Mario Molino ‎"C 364 -Antico E Moderno"1975 Italy Experimental,Psych Funk,Electronic.Prog Fuzz

Mario Molino ‎"C 364 -Antico E Moderno"1975 Italy mega rare Experimental,Psych Funk,Electronic.Prog Fuzz...recommended.!


Quite unknown Italian library monster by Mario Molino! Just listen to the clip and freak out as TRAFFICO CAOTICO is simply one of the most insane psychedelic funk track you can find on an library, the heaviest funky drums I've ever heard surrounded by obsessive psychedelic electronics and mental fuzz! More psych prog funk madness on ELABORAZIONE AUTOMATICA with ultra heavy bassline and industrial obsessive electronics.

Italian prog heads should be aware of the incredible dark progressive track EMIGRAZIONE with mental fuzz! Even some amazing electronic experimental mood music like the superb DISINTEGRAZIONE DELLE PARTICELLE and the underwater dripping tune INONDAZIONI.................

Mario Molino has been one of the few guitarists to undergo both the glamor of sound and soundtracks. In fact, "The Angels of the Year 2000" (1969) and "How Angry Dogs" (1976) are two of his best-known contributions to the 'black worlds' cinema, without forgetting their participation in the score of another cult to be rediscovered, "Metralleta Stein" (1974). "Ancient And Modern" (1975; Sonor Music Editions, 2016) is a well-arranged orchestral album, released exclusively for the Fonit-Cetra promotion, with elaborate passages and moments of fun, for listening to everyone's reach . Winds that are adaptable to both agresti and alarming images.

The titles are characterized by the maximum. On the A side, Miceneo World is a piercing melody accompanied by harp, while the sad Emigration (With Marranzano) and Gibellina (Sax Version), also present in other versions, are dedicated to migrants from a southern Italy forced to Leave their lands for work or because of the earthquake, such as the one that destroyed the homonymous town in the province of Trapani in 1968. If Particle Disintegration appears to be suitable for punctuating spatial frameworks, Steppa Siberiana imagines immense snow extents. The use of the organ is both strategic. Iceland Bossa, on the other hand, is the real crazy thing.

A track dedicated to Iceland, performed with electric guitar, rhythm base and bows, which can be associated with panoramas and open spaces. On the B side, the Northern Venetian also finds more space with the dramatic Iceland Theme, the sweet but cold Free Iceland, the placid Nordic Spring and the optimistic Iceland March. Prairie, Chaotic Traffic, Automatic Processing and Electronic Quiz are then united by the use of synthesizers, while Bill Rock, guitar, bass and drum is a tribute to Bill Haley, the first great white rock of rock, then developed By a giant like Elvis Presley. Indianapolis is the rhythmic ending, ideal for sports and various types of competitions...........................

A totally INSANE italian Killer Library LP reissued for the joy of collectors and sample hunters from the highly-collectible Fonit Usignolo series. Famed Mario Molino's album for the MENTAL Breakbeats hailing from the track "TRAFFICO CAOTICO", a simply mindmelting Electronic Hip Hop Beat which seems to be written nowadays. Spaced-out deep Electronic and Experimental sounds with another atomic shot "ICELAND BOSSA" featured. More Avantgarde, TV-Score themes, Industrial vibes and Space Electronics madness on the rest of the album. TOP Molino recording can buy!..........................

A1 Mondo Miceneo 2:05
A2 Inondazioni 2:05
A3 Disintegrazione Delle Particelle 2:22
A4 Steppa Siberiana 2:23
A5 Emigrazione (Con Marranzano) 1:19
A6 Emigrazione 1:19
A7 Gibellina (Versione Sax) 1:25
A8 Iceland Bossa 2:20
A9 Gibellina (Versione Chitarra) 2:38
A10 Gibellina (Versione Chitarra Con Marranzano) 2:28
B1 Iceland Theme 1:46
B2 Free Iceland 1:18
B3 Primavera Nordica 1:44
B4 Prateria 1:46
B5 Iceland March 2:05
B6 Bill Rock 2:12
B7 Traffico Caotico 2:34
B8 Quiz Elettronico 2:18
B9 Elaborazione Automatica 2:18
B10 Indianapolis 2:18

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