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4 Jun 2017

Matuskela “Matuskela” 1973 Brazil Prog Psych

Matuskela   “Matuskela” 1973 Brazil  Prog Psych 

Brasília group composed by Anapolino (Lino), Toninho Terra, Joãozinho, Rodolfo, Machado and Onildo. They lasted exactly 14 years (from 1966 to 1980), at this time they assayed in Núcleo Bandeirante, the well-known Free City. Sons of pioneers from Goiânia, Minas and Recife were known as the best musical representation of Brasilia and caused sensations mainly in the graduation parties and presentations in matinees in Taguatinga, Sobradinho, Club Sector, Range among others. At the same time they were competitors of the band the sets: Élson Sete Raulino and Super Som 2000.

The band made great local success in the early seventies. Created in the city of Brasília in 1966 by Anapolino, Rodolvo and Joãozinho. They recorded a single in 1972 with the hit Suza Suzana and then an LP called Matuskela on the Chantecler label. Entitled only Matuskela, the LP is marked by the folk-psychedelic sonority, standing out the song The Age of Crazy (Velho Demais), of Zeca Bahia and Clodo.

Matuskela Band won the 2nd university festival of CEUB in 1972, being in 1st and 2nd place. First with the song "Plate Luminosa" (music of Clodo and Zeca Bahia) in second place with the song "Bell sign open". In this same festival the band took the prize of better arrangement music and better interpreter.

The band toured Brazil with their dances and shows, especially after the song "Velho Demais" was a soundtrack for the global soap opera Sem Lenço e Sem Document. During this period, Matuskela lived in the city of São Paulo...............

Again a small pearl of the Brazilian Rock Nacional. Matuskela was formed in 1966 to disappear in 1980. In fourteen years of existence, he has released only one eponymous album, Matuskela (1973). Matuskela was composed of Anapolino (Lino) on guitar, Toninho Terra on vocals, Didi Moreno on drums, plus Joãozinho, Rodolfo and Machado (but I have no certainty). The album is a very successful mix of Nordest music and MPB trend Folk with contributions of Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock. The approach of this group is interesting and beneficial because it does not just copy the Anglo-Saxon Pop-Rock, but it enriches it with Brazilian sounds (or the reverse). The Matuskela Pop-Folk, for short, offers a homogeneous and coherent album, very pleasant to listen, soft and melodic, not to mention the voice of the singer very original. A real surprise..................

01 Idade do Louco 4:02
02 Canto 3:22
03 Uma Sopa de Saudade 4:25
04 A Morte da Morte 3:10
05 Viver Mama 5:05
06 Maria Pureza 3:43
07 Atrás da Cortina 3:02
08 Uma Maneira de Viver 3:23
09 Trapo Humano 3:44
10 Raízes 3:03
11 Cavalgada 2:50
12 A Gente Tem que Ter 2:26
13 Suza Suzana 2:17

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