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23 Jun 2017

MonnaLisa "In Principio " 2017 Italy Prog Metal

 MonnaLisa  "In Principio " 2017 Italy Prog Metal ....recommended..!


After ten years of history, Monnalisa comes to the record debut, with an album that is a synthesis between the Italian PGM Prog Rock and Bronze Ballet and the emphasis of Spock's Beard and Neal Morse Band. There are no metal prog ideas that refer to Dream Theater and Pain of Salvation. Beautiful Italian texts accompany a gorgeous and magniloquent atmosphere. A gem of classic and modern prog.................

About eight years have passed since the foundation of this band responding to Monnalisa's name. And after a lot of training changes finally come to the much desired stability, which has allowed him to make an excellent record debut on a long distance. The title of this first studio work is In Principle, I'm talking about a kind of heavy rock with the most varied colored colors, without any constraints to be more precise. Songs that reflect the will of the musicians who are inside this interesting project. They have a personal conception of doing music. While not denying the influences received from bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dream Theater and other guys in the band, they can emerge in a personal way, including the use of the Italian singing that makes it all very genuine. It also blends the prog into many points with the most classic metal.
A meticulous but never oppressive use, and up to itself is made of tools. There are ten songs and praise as Invisible Chains, in which everything is drawn by John Olivieri's beautiful vocals, which also plays keyboards. In the Ricordi song, for example, Ozzy Osbourne's airy side blends with perfection with the most classic Italian prog, sparked by keyboards vaguely reminiscent of Deep Purple. Maybe the songs on some occasions may seem a bit melancholic, but in the context this feeling gives a dark light to the right point. Every song has something to tell, some emotion to pull out. This disk just needs to be inserted into the compartment and started, the rest will come from itself. Andromeda Relix, who is always mindful of his protection wings, is also applauded by this very interesting Italian reality, to be truly proud and proud of it. To keep an eye on why we will certainly hear a lot of Monnalisa talking................

Giovanni Olivieri - Vocals, Keyboards
Filippo Romeo - Guitar 
Manuele Pavoni - Bass 
Edoardo Pavoni - Drums

1) Specchio
2) Il segreto dell’Alchimista
3) Catene invisibili
4) Infinite possibilita’
5) Oltre
6) Viaggio di un Sognatore
7) Ricordi

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