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25 Jun 2017

Moonlight “Hoy” 1976 Uruguay Psych Blues Rock

Moonlight “Hoy” 1976 Uruguay Psych Blues Rock


Moonlights were alongside Los Delfines, the band with the most stable programming working in Uruguay during the years when rock was booming. Formed in the late 60's, they played live at the beginning of the next decade. Directed by the brothers Iriarte, and with an excellent musician like Dino, Los Moonlights reached a very important number of followers with its overwhelming sound of guitars and great vocalizations.
After a couple of singles for the Clave label, the group finally signed with the label De La Planta, where they recorded this excellent Long Play titled "Moonlights" (1973), which curiously has never been reedited and is very difficult to obtain for Vinyl collectors. With the military coup of 1973 in Uruguay, Los Moonlights, like so many other groups, suffered under the abrupt and censor change of rules. They tried to survive and keep playing live until the effort proved useless. After the little commercial repercussion of his second album "Moonlight Hoy" in 1976, the band separated and Dino followed his solo career.

"Founded in 1967, the group always turned around the brothers Sergio Iriarte in guitar and voice Osvaldo Iriarte in low and voice, Rodolfo Fuentes comments that the first recording in Spanish was the subject of the simple "El Circo" of 1971. The following year members of two excellent bands Dino (Gastón Ciarlo) of Montevideo Blues and Yamandú Perez de Gánesis. They record their first LP with songs in Castilian among which is another version of Milonga de Pelo Largo. " ................

Sergio Iriarte (guitarra y voz)
Gaston Ciarlo “Dino” (guitarra y voz)
Osvaldo Iriarte (bajo y voz)
Luis Alberto “Beto” Risso (bateria).

A1 Cuna De Mi Muerte
Written By – Gastón Ciarlo
A2 Dime Por Qué? (Tell Me Why)
Written By – Osvaldo Iriarte, Sergio*
A3 Lara Neal
A4 Un Nuevo Día En la Ciudad (A New Day In The City)
A5 El Tema de Sebastián (Sebastian's Song)
A6 Alguien En Quien Creer (Some One You Really Trust)
B1 Vamos Dulce Muchacha (Come On My Sweet Girl)
B2 Lo Puedes Hacer (You Can Do It Now)
B3 Solo Quiero Estar Contigo (I Only Want To Be With You)
B4 Llora
B5 Dame, Dame Amor (Gimme, Gimme Love)
B6 Standard

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