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15 Jun 2017

Odyssey "Odyssey" 1972 US Soul Funk Rock

Odyssey "Odyssey" 1972 US Soul Funk Rock


Odyssey was formed by vocalist Royse Jones (born in Los Angeles on December 15, 1954), his colleague Billy Pierce, as well as Kathleen Warren (keyboards and vocals), bass guitarist Warner 'Doc' Schwebke (born June 6, 1948) Guitarists Don Peake and Donnie Dacus (born in Galena Park, Texas, October 12, 1951) and Gene Pello (drums). However, recorded mainly with the participation of session musicians, the same album "Odyssey" (producers Karl Bornstein and Michael Goldberg) appeared on the label "MoWest" in May 1972 (in February 1973 in the UK), and the accompanying single "Our Lives Are Shaped" By What We Love "(author - vocalist and flutist CL Robert James) came out in his homeland, in the USA, in August of the same year, 1972.
"MoWest" - a subsidiary of the legendary label "Motown", whose creation is widely recognized as a failure, because for 2-3 years of its existence, only a few albums that appeared on it became commercially successful except, perhaps, also the same LP soul performer Syreeta and 1972. That's a piece of record from Odyssey, with a few reservations, can be attributed to the relatively successful releases of this label and at one time was even the coveted dream of collectors of soul. However, the group seems to have disbanded after Donnie Dacus expressed a desire to leave, and Royse Jones later changed his lead in Odyssey to support Steely Dan and Ambrosia. The bassist of the band 'Doc' Schwebke died on November 15, 2008............

Royce Jones — lead vocals
Billy Pierce (William Watson Pierce Jr.) — vocals
Don Peake — acoustic guitar, guitar
Don Dacus (James O. Dacus) — acoustic guitar, guitar, slide guitar
Warner (Doc) Schwebke — Fender bass
Kathleen Warren — piano, electric piano, vibraphone, female vocals
Gene Pello — drums
Chris Darrow — fiddle, banjo (03)
Buddy Emmons — pedal steel guitar (03)
C.L. Robert James — vocals (03), flute (07, 10)
David T. Walker — lead guitar (05)
C.C. Carter — congas (10)
Karl Bornstein, Michael Goldberg — producers

Home Of The Brave 3:31
Georgia Song 3:24
Country Tune 2:46
Gossamer Wings 3:00
Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love 3:36
Wondrous Castles 3:06
Battened Ships 2:59
Sunny California Wo-Man 3:33
Black Top Island (Of The West) 3:28
Broken Road 2:44 

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