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23 Jun 2017

Pacifico "La Bella Epoca" 1972 Argentina Prog Folk Rock

Pacifico "La Bella Epoca"  1972 Argentina Prog Folk Rock


"La bella epoca" is an album, to be more detailed, the only one recorded by the National Rock band "Pacifico". Disco that has many roots of the rock of that time, a Sui Generis style, with soft and fluent sounds, that provoke a sensation as of already to have listened to the subjects. Although for the time it did not have a total mass, in the album Chaco of Illya Kuryaki And The Valderramas, in which Emanuel Horvilleur is the son of Martí, included in the subject "Remisero" the last verses of the song "Una Estela Sin Final "of La Bella Epoca, which rescued the sounds of this album. A real shame that a group like this is forgotten...............

Group of excellent work of voices and clear melodies edited this unique disc in the old seal Trova in 1972 and whose cover was a reproduction of the painter Renoir.
Eduardo Marti had integrated Trieste with Machi and Héctor Starc, and then gave form to Pacific, a project with much work of voices.
Recommended by Rodolfo García, they released a single album, "The Beautiful Era", at the end of 1972, almost without repercussion. A great record, unjustly forgotten, that deserves a claim................

Pacifico is an Argentine band that released one album then broke up. Sad but in this case, you can probably understand if they carried on they may have been subjected to the powers that be. Thus altering their direction to a more mainstream way.
Pacifco were a three piece band with additional musicians on board for augmentation. We as a progressive community are very lucky that, Viajero Inmovil has chosen to re-release this onto the CD format.

Although Pacifico didn’t bring anything new to the table, they did how ever refined their take on the progressive rock scene in 1972.

Very melodic and with some folk leanings. One can say they would be in the same vein as Camel, Caravan and it’s Canterbury counterparts. This is not the style of music I’m accustomed to but I can appreciate it’s legacy within the Argentinian progressive movement......................

Pacifico was a short-lived progressive band from Argentina. They released only one LP, "La Bella Epoca" (1972), which is now reissued on CD. As well as all the other releases of Viajero Inmovil Records, the album represents the reduced, yet, exact copy of a 'classic' four-page LP with an original insert (in addition). To have a more clear idea of the label's production, remember the structure and design of such LPs as Pink Floyd's "Animals" and Genesis's "A Trick of the Tail".......

Never the name of a group was so appropriate! Pacifiers of name and de facto with their languid music adapted to a refreshing siesta. While the sun is peaking over the pampas, the crude but passionate Spanish guitar by Hugo Arbe and Eduardo Martí runs along with the rudimentary percussion of Miguel Pezzolano, which here and there also plays a timid flute. Heart warms the voice of the three musicians who often interweave their song. It is worth mentioning the participation, in a couple of tracks, of members of the most famous Aquelarre. The Pacific was part of the emerging folk rock movement that marked the birth of the Argentine prog; This is their only album. Obviously, the audience of the time did not have to appreciate the efforts of this bare band that melted after a brief existence. Martí is definitely more known as the historical photographer of the most famous Luis Spinetta. Undoubtedly historical value, the music of the Pacific is endowed with its own charm, the same as having some familiar groups of the past, by virtue of their authenticity and spontaneity (such as Arc Iris, Invisible or Generic) but still remains quite anonymous , Though of great feeling. A listening to your quiet nights accompanied by a mate cup.......

Line-up / Musicians
- Eduardo Marti / guitars, viola, percussion, vocals
- Hugo Arbe / guitars, viola, percussion, vocals
- Miguel Pezzolano / flute, percussion, vocals
- Pedro Botti / piano, organ
- Emilio Del Guercio / bass
- Rodolfo Garcia / drums, percussion
- Hector Starc / guitars

01- Canción para un pequeño ladrón
02- No eras vos, no era yo
03- Ella es tu hermana
04- Mi mágico amigo
05- Una estela sin final
06- Llanto de un atardecer
07- Escapato

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