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2 Jun 2017

Perfume Azul do Sol “Nascimento"1974 masterpiece of Brazilian Psychedelia

Perfume Azul do Sol “Nascimento"1974 ultra rare masterpiece of Brazilian Psychedelia ..highly recommended…!
The long-awaited reissue of this pearl of Brazilian psychedelia is coming, limited in only 500 copies by the Pedra Templo .................

2017 reissue, Brazilian import. Legendary psychedelic-prog-funk-rock LP from Brazil.....................

"A piece of the rainbow / To adorn your body / 20,000 rays of sun / To put in your hair". The hallucinogenic refrain that marks the third trip promised by lysergic acid diethylamide opens the spectacular Nascimento, a very rare album by the Brazilian singer Perfume Azul do Sol. The psychoactive wafer (finally) leaves the basement of Brazilian rock and wins a reissue on high fidelity vinyl in 180 grams.

The album reaches the new generations by the label Pedra Templo Animal (name derived from the classic Paêbiru, by Zé Ramalho and Lula Côrtes), in a very limited edition of 500 copies. And it will land in the few specialist stores from next week (February 20), although the re-launch party is scheduled for tomorrow (see details below).

Absolute classic of psychedelia, the 1974 disc is the only record of the ephemeral life group. Mixing progressive footprint, distorted guitars, dissonant poetry, northeastern rhythms and sullen piano chords, the original LP is one of the most exclusive of national discography. It is estimated that the Chantecler label printed about 150 copies of the album, which were distributed to the restricted group of friends close to the troupe.................

Grupo paulista formed by Ana (voice and piano), Benvindo (voice and guitar), Jean (voice and guitar) and Gil (drums and vocals). With hippy visuals and psychedelia derived from regional rhythms and instrumental, they recorded a single album - Nascimento -, by the label Chantecler, in 1974. The bassist Pedrão later integrated the Nosso Som de Cada Dia, alongside the ex-instable Manito. Perfume Azul do Sol is one of the many psychedelic rock bands from the Seventies that few people know about. Nascimento, of 1974, is at the same time his masterpiece and unique disc. The ten tracks, some on Ana's voice and piano, Benvindo's guitar, Jean on guitar and Gil on drums, were psychedelia-themed, but they did not offer a mix of instruments and styles of regional music, as can be heard in Band Abraço do Baião and also in Total Balance, The latter having all the characteristics of what was called "rural rock" at the time in question. One of the common places in some tracks of the disc is the well-known Fuzzbox pedal, that for good listener, never misses the bands of the decade, whether foreign or national, as well as arpeggios and small guitar solos. The lyrics of the songs are simple, but at the same time deep due to the subjectivity of the symbols, thus giving an air of mysticism, as much the letters as in the sound. The band that best expresses this idea is Canto Fundo, with its low strong and long introduction, tells us a maritime story that could very well be told by a pirate, theme also recurrent in other bands of the time, such as "The Pirate" of Ave Sangria and the 1979 album Pirata of the band A Barca do Sol. Closing the disc has the track The Supper, which is possibly the spoken description of a famous painting. The music has two atmospheres, the first bucolic, refers to ancient times with the help of the flute and little percussion. On the second they snore guitars on short solos, the low thunder and the drums go trotting to the end of the track. Despite the common points, all the bands added a bit in the history of Brazilian psychedelics, and in no way the repetition of themes or even with regard to the technique and way of playing, diminish the quality of what was created. The similarities at least contributed to mark a fertile and playful time musically speaking. Sentence Bands with Common Points: Impact Five, Bread with Butter, The Wolves, The Brazos, Imaginary Sound, Rubinho and Mauro Asumpção, Liverpool, Módulo 1000, Our Daily Sound and many others if you wanted to have lived then and to follow the pieces of bread that they left by the way...............

Little known, the band Perfume Azul Do Sol recorded their only album in 1974, by the label Chantecler. Its psychedelic sound mixes rock with regional music, like the baião. The immersion in this work is inevitable, something that causes us an almost mystical feeling. Formed by Benvindo (guitar), Jean (guitar), Ana (voice and guitar) and Gil (drums). Who plays bass on the record is Pedro Baldanza. He was a guest bassist to record, but it was never the band.

"Only a few copies have stopped in the hands of the band and rare retailers as a gift to the record company, an LP of that is worth a fortune for collectors." Comment from an anonymous former member.........................

A1 20000 Raios De Sol
A2 Sopro
A3 Calça Velha
A4 Deusa Sombria
A5 O Abraço Do Baião
B1 Equilíbrio Total
B2 Nascimento
B3 Pé De Inganzeira
B4 Canto Fundo
B5 A Ceia

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