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8 Jun 2017

Phil Flowers And His United Family “Alpha And Omega” 1973 US Psych Soul Funk

Phil Flowers And His United Family “Alpha And Omega” 1973 US Psych Soul Funk
Extremely rare  soul psych LP from 1973 by Phil Flowers on Longwood Records "Alpha and Omega" autographed by Flowers..................

A lost psych gem helmed by Phil Flowers, who is better known, if he's known at all, as a right-down-the-middle sort of pop vocalist and songwriter (his first record is a collaboration with Nat King Cole.) As far as I can tell, this far-out psychedelic funk/soul explosion, chronicling the Biblical story of the creation of the universe and the rise and fall of man, came more or less out of nowhere, and had little to no commercial impact. In other words, it's the stuff that music blogs are made of................

A great, lost psychedelic funk concept album by the enigmatic R&B impresario Phil Flowers!

Exact reissue vinyl LP transferred from the original master tapes. CD version will feature extensive notes and previously unreleased recordings.

Before recording this album in 1973, Flowers had a long and storied career as a master R&B stylist who, born in North Carolina and raised in Maryland, had been performing for 20 years. With his years of studio experience, a talented family of musicians, a room full of wah-wah pedals and echoplexes, and a group of longtime and forward-thinking musicians, Flowers created an album that no one but him could have ever assembled.

Immediate and urgent yet timeless, calling on the genres of funk and soul yet transcending them, Alpha and Omega is an album that rests comfortably in the cross-section between Eugene McDaniels, Sun Ra, Del Jones, and the YaWhoWa 13................

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A1 God's Creation 1st Mov. 4:33
A2 God's Creation 2nd Mov. 3:42
A3 First Man (Adam) 2:42
A4 Adam And Eve's Love Song
Vocals – Phil Flowers, Jr.
A5 First Man (Tag) 1:14
A6 Devil's Theme 3:08
B1 Prostitution (Hooked)
Vocals – Jerri Lynn Hall, Velma Flowers
B2 Abortion (It's Too Crowded) 3:45
B3 I Can See The Sunlight 4:50
B4 Fire, Fire 3:10
B5 Will You Be There 3:50
B6 Gabriel's Gonna Blow 2:35
B7 Alpha And Omega 0:20 

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