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20 Jun 2017

Pulze “Pulze” 1981 Danish Private Hard Rock Heavy Metal

Pulze “Pulze” 1981 ultra rare Danish Private Hard Rock Heavy Metal

In the years before Skagarack was formed, singer Torben Schmidt and drummer Alvin Otto played in the hard rock band Pulze, with Jørn Gammelby, Karsten Bech and Bjørn Elkjær. In September/October 1980 they recorded the selftitled album “Pulze” in the key Sound Studio in Præstø Denmark with Jan Eliasson as producer. It was released through Cascade in the beginning of 1981. In the beginning of winter 1981 Pulze disolved. Torben Schmidt and Alvin Otto Formed Skagarack when Pulze disolved. Only 500 copies of the Pulze LP was made and it is now extremely rare!! Since its release in 1981 it has been very sought after by collectors not only from Denmark. 

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